Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bundle Monster Chose Me Too!

If you’re part of the nail groups I’m in on Facebook, then you probably saw last night, my cute little buddy, the baby Bundle Monster I made, was chosen as a Birthday Contest Winner this week! I am so excited! I of course chose the Holiday Set, so look for a review on them to come in the mail hopefully next week! I can’t wait to share them with you! If you missed seeing the previews of this great Holiday set, you can find that here:

I am so excited and grateful that they liked my creation, inspired by their cute mascot. This will be my 3rd Bundle Monster set and I need to get some rubber waffle shelf paper cut into the rectangles that will keep them in my baseball card protector sheets. Sorry there's not a manicure post up yet, my son is home and I have had less time to do my nails. Thanks for coming by my blog and I wish you happy polishing!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bundle Monster Birthday Contest Photographs

Just a short post today, I wanted to share the photos I took today of my little buddy, meet the Bundle Monster I created today in honor of their Birthday month! I am simply thrilled with how great he came out. I am also sharing my entry in the contest here. I hope they like it! It’s not perfect, but I like to think that part of beauty is making the most of, and celebrating the good things and overlooking flaws.

Isn’t he a cute little addition to my desk? Even if I don’t actually stamp in my bedroom on my desk like I wish I could, it’s still fun to think of a little Bundle Monster sitting on my desk as I do my nail art. So wish me luck in scoring a set of those awesome new Holiday Plates they’re releasing soon, they are giving out 37 prizes so I think I have as good a chance as anyone else to win myself a set. Thanks for reading and checking out my little buddy, I’d love to hear what you think of him! 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wet n’ Wild’s Everybody Loves Redmond

I picked this one up on clearance at Walmart, and I suspect that Wet n’ Wild will be releasing some new Fast Dries. I really was glad this one dried fast, because this is three coats and I still had visible nail lines. I know not everyone is bothered by this, but I like more opaque coverage. I adore Wet n’ Wild polishes and makeup, but I don’t think I’ll be wearing this one again, simply because of the visible nail line factor. 

I used Beauty Secrets Moisturizing Base Coat, Instant Artificials, and three coats of polish, followed this time be Seche Vite. So far on day four, I don’t have any chips and only tip wear, which I think is great. I decided to stamp my nails today in honor of Bundle Monster’s fourth Birthday, they are having an awesome contest/giveaway this month, details can be found here. Basically they are giving away 37 prizes, of either $20 gift cards or nail art image plate sets, including the new holiday set you can check out here.

I hope you like the way this manicure turned out. I do, but I wish I could stamp inside the house, there was wind blowing and I know that effected the way the manicure turned out. I used BM 306 & 307 and for my top coat here, I used NYC Grand Central Station. I really like it, because it never smears for me. I stamped with Sinful Colors Snow Me White. I hope that I’ll be able to come up with a great photo for entry in this contest Bundle Monster is hosting, so look for that coming soon. Thanks for reading and I wish you happy polishing. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wet n’ Wild Megalast in Bubblegum Pop

I picked this beauty up from Dollar General’s huge new display of Wet n’ Wild Megalasts. It was the only one I got, and so far it’s been five days, no gloves for dishes, and no chipping, only tip wear. I really love the color and have gotten a lot of compliments on it. I am delighted it’s wearing so well, and I plan on changing it up tomorrow or Friday for sure.

I used one coat of Beauty Secrets Moisturizing Base Coat, one coat of Salon Sciences Instant Artificials, and then two layers of Bubblegum Pop, followed by one coat of Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat. I really like the results too. You can see from my bottle shot below that I have been using it exclusively. I like that it dries quickly, and that it shines so much. Thought sharing a bottle shot would show for sure which one I mean when I refer to the Insta-Dri in the red bottle.

I have some awesome manicures coming up and as I plan on buying the second set of Bundle Monster Plates they will be releasing this year, I am sure much more stamping nail art is on the way as well. They have a holiday set coming out, but so far, that isn’t really exciting me enough to want to get them. Also worth mentioning is the Brazilian company Drikk (DRK) are changing how they put their plates out, they are doing one line ‘ruler’ styled plates, which sadly have zero appeal for me, because I find them to be more expensive and offer fewer designs than they used to for an economical price. Two of these new DRK D ‘rulers’ are available now at Ninja Polish. Thank you for coming by my blog and I wish you happy polishing. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sinful Shine’s Pragmatic

I was very excited when I found the new display for Sinful Color’s, Sinful Shine, ‘With Gel Tech’ as it states on the bottle. The other differences are in price, and the tops, these new polishes cost $2.99 and have shiny silver caps. I picked out one called Pragmatic. A lovely lilac color that I really enjoyed wearing for the five days I wore it.

I used my favorite combination of Sally’s Beauty Secrets Moisturizing Base Coat, Instant Artificials, two coats of polish, then one layer of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat. The one bad thing I simply have to mention is that even up to the point where I was removing it to do my next manicure on day five I was able to push a nail into the right thumb and make a mark in the polish. Not good. So I think it might have to do with using the Instant Artificials with it, so I plan on doing a second trial without it. I’ll update you all when I’ve done that in the near future.

Another thing I want to mention it is smells a little different than regular Sinful Colors polishes do. Hard to pinpoint, but it’s slightly less pungent. On the first coat it was somewhat streaky, and the second coat did even it out, but even this might have been due to the use of Instant Artificials. I am probably going to get one more of this line of polishes, and will try it without the Instant Artificials, and test run it to see if it is possible to dent it after 24 hours of time to set. So that’s what I bring you today, I hope you enjoyed seeing Pragmatic and hearing my thoughts on using it. Thank you for coming by my blog and I wish you happy polishing. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

China Glaze Infra-Red

I have a pretty polish for you today from China Glaze’s Hologlam collection currently out at Sally’s Beauty Supply. I picked up three of these beauties and I will use the other two in future manicures, so look for Strap on Your Moonboots and Galactic Gray to come soon. I hope you enjoy the photographs, I am still wearing Infra-Red currently, a week later. With zero chipping.

The combination I’ve been using are my ultimate combo of products for iron wear worthy results. I start with one layer of Sally’s Beauty Secrets Moisturizing Base Coat, a layer of Salon Sciences Instant Artificials, and then two to three coats of color, and topped with Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri Anti-chip Top Coat in the red bottle. This is such an amazing combination for me. It’s exciting to me to be able to get this long of wear from a regular polish manicure.

You can even see some holo effect in my photographs. The formula on this was, as you’ve seen others reporting, thick and streaky on first coat. I didn’t want to go with Aqua Base on my first manicure with it, I wanted to be able to test out my regular routine with a chiptastic polish like a holo. I like the polishes I picked up, but I will probably thin them before I use one again. If you like holo polish, these are quite nice, but they are not screaming holo in your face like Layla or Color Club holo polishes do.

As for stamping, I thought about it and decided it was too pretty to stamp over. Thanks for coming by my blog and I wish you happy polishing.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ferguson Crest Syrah, Another Fergie Polish

I bring you an interesting color, that once you see it in person you will most likely fall for. It reminds me of Hard Candy’s Beetle. I used my new usual combination of Sally’s Beauty Secrets Moisturizing Base Coat, Instant Artificials, two coats of color and then the final coat of Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat in the red bottle. I really am impressed with this combination as it seems like I can get up to 10 days of wear if I use my vinyl gloves to clean and do dishes.

I really love this line of polishes. I really do. They wear great on me and look awesome. I hope that you like the photos, I have yet to set up the lightbox. Hopefully I can get around to that in good time. I am looking forward to my next manicure, I have three of the China Glaze Hologlams, and I want to wear one next for you, most likely Infra-Red. I also picked up Strap On Your Moonboots, and Galactic Gray. So look for those coming soon. I have many wonderful manicures to come this spring and summer for you. Thanks for stopping by Nail Soup and as always, I wish you happy polishing!