Wednesday, April 27, 2011

China Glaze Strawberry Fields Manicure

I really love this polish, it went on incredibly well, no streaking like Flying Dragon did on the first coat and dried to a nice glossy finish. I really am impressed with how nice it turned out. It was unfortunate that Flying Dragon was chipping pretty badly on day one and day two, but no worries, it was Strawberry Fields to the rescue!

I am glad I picked this polish up, it’s absolutely gorgeous, it has a luscious golden shimmer to it that the pictures could not do justice to. It was dry in no time thanks to my Poshe’ top coat, which I have decided to stick with and not buy the Seche Vite because I just adore the way Poshe’ wears and applies I can’t imagine anything better. So there won’t be a comparison between the two like I had originally thought I would do. If Sally’s sold the Seche Restore I’d think about it, but they don’t so I don’t want to use half a bottle of it and then be stuck with an unusable half.

I am planning on buying some of the Milani 3D Holographic polishes, I think the blue one, the purple one and maybe the silver or pink one. Might even go for the gold one, it depends on how well I like the first two I buy as to whether or not I buy more. In other polish news, I have heard that Sally Hansen is adding a new permanent line of crackle polishes in eight bright, bold colors! I am very excited to hear about this, and I can’t wait until June when the line of crackles debuts!

The eight polishes are:

Snow Blast, White
Vintage Violet, Purple
Fracture Foil, Silver
Fuchsia Shock, Pink
Distressed Denim, Blue
Antiqued Gold
Cherry Smash, Red
Ink Splatter, Black

 I definitely want the gold, blue, purple, and red. What colors are you looking forward to? I am really glad that Sally Hansen is jumping on the Crackle bandwagon because I can’t seem to score a bottle of Broken Hearted, the pink crackle by China Glaze. I know some ladies were lucky enough to score the entire collection back in February but I was just getting back into doing my nails then, and not really going to Sally’s Beauty Supply yet. The polishes will go for just about $6 retail. Hope you like the pics of my current manicure.

I hope this polish lasts awhile, it looks wonderful in my opinion and I am very happy and would definitely repurchase it if I use it all up. That’s it for now, thanks for reading and happy polishing!

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