Friday, April 29, 2011

Finally got Broken Hearted!

Hey everyone! I was lucky enough to swing by Sally’s today and found that they had Lightning Bolt, Cracked Concrete and the one I came for, Broken Hearted all in stock! I was thrilled. Sadly today I busted a nail on the trunk as I always seem to, but it wasn’t below the quickline, so it’s just awkward looking on my middle finger. I lost a good amount of length, but it’s okay.

When I took off my polish I discovered a tear on my thumb so I applied a nail wrap, it took ages to dry so I was really ready to get down to applying the pink crackle. I used Revlon’s Top Speed, in Golden underneath it, and applied a new to me China Glaze Holographic top coat, Fairy Dust. I think the results speak for themselves. I really enjoy doing my nails like so many of you ladies, and I enjoy a good sale on nail polish. So when a friend told me Sinful Colors was on sale half off, ($.99) I had to swing by Walgreen’s today and pick out five I had my eye on.

I didn’t have any luck finding the Milani 3D holo’s unfortunately, so I might end up buying them online from CVS, just not right now, since I was already in the local CVS and saw they had a buy 1 get one 50% off on Revlon, including Top Speeds, I snagged myself two, Lilac and the Golden you see below. I am pretty impressed with the coverage and speed of drying, so if they weren’t almost $7 a piece I might repurchase, so if they have them on sale I think it’s worth adding a few to your collection. I really am delighted to have made the purchases I did today.

I went shopping before I stopped by the ALF (assisted living facility) to do my grandmother’s nails. She had a bad break on her index finger but I took care of it. I am really delighted that China Glaze’s Strawberry Fields wore so well, I did my nails Tuesday and had I not had the break today I was going to wait and do the up tomorrow, but I had zero chipping with it. Gorgeous color, it looked great on her, I added Sinful’s This Is It golden shimmer to the ring fingernails and I think she was very pleased with this color. She had much less chipping so I think using the Strong Adhesion first, then the Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler is the ticket to her manicures lasting well, and to covering up my nail wrapping tears on my manicures.

It might take a bit of time to do three base coats, but in both cases two coats of the ridge filler is needed in my opinion. I did it that way last time when I did Flying Dragon and applied the first wrap, and I was worried it was why I had chipping, but this time I did the same thing with the Strawberry Fields manicure and it lasted four days without chipping so I think something is up with Flying Dragon’s formula. Maybe it’s just the neon’s that are like that. So I picked out some pretty colors Sinful Color’s had and one was a neon purple to take the place of Flying Dragon. I got a gorgeous greenish blue glitter called Nail Junkie, and a red called GoGo Girl, and a pretty Green called San Francisco, and a lovely blue, Midnight Blue.

I will see about posting a video on the mini-haul and share it by editing it in here. For now here are the pics, with Grandmother’s manicure at the top, followed by my first attempt with Broken Hearted. I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading! Happy polishing!

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