Monday, April 18, 2011

Flying Dragon With Black Mesh, Crackle Manicure

I definitely need to work on my application of Crackle polish, it isn’t like normal polish, you want a very thin coat and that isn’t easy to achieve when you’re used to thicker coats. I am happy with the combination, but think a brighter color will work better, so I went to Sally’s again today and picked up some strong adhesion base coat, a neon pink and a lovely green polish. I plan on taking this off tonight and redoing my nails in Pink Voltage with Black Mesh and have hope that it will look the best out of any of the colors I’ve crackled over.

I know I didn’t clean my cuticles, I have trouble with that, I bought some brushes today and am going to try a technique where I load the brush with remover and then go over the mistakes to take them off. I hope that works, if anyone has any tips on that besides the Vaseline tip, I’d love to hear them. It took sunlight to make this manicure look good, and FYI the Flying Dragon color dries matte, so make sure you have a decent top coat for use with it.

I will post a new entry soon with the Pink Voltage color beneath the Black mesh, I have to hope that the China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat will work well, because I don’t want to see another chipping manicure after less then 24 hours. I think the Beauty Secrets base coat, while great for filling ridges just does not have the staying power I am looking for. I heard from Mother today that Grandmother’s nails are chipping too, so when I see her Friday, I will use the China Glaze on her too and see if that gives us better results.

I hope that this time around I can make the crackle polish do its thing properly. So look for a new entry tomorrow or Thursday. I had a ring finger nail break at the quick this morning on my right hand, I clipped it down as far as I could and it looks awful, but it happens. Two on that hand in under a week though, makes me think I need to go easier on my right hand somehow. Anyway, I thank you all for taking time to share in my Crackling adventures and I know I’ll get the hang of it somehow. Thanks for checking out my blog and for coming back to see the updates. It makes me so pleased to know people are reading and checking out the pictures.

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