Monday, April 4, 2011

My Regular Routine

I just started getting back into doing my nails about a month ago so I am not able to say this has been my long standing nail care regime but I can say this is what I do now and have been for the last week since seeing someone else doing it I decided to emulate it but on my own. I put some extra virgin olive oil in a small dropper bottle and I will use a little bit of it on the cuticles and underneath the nail and let it soak in, massaging it gently until it's all absorbed by the skin and nails. This one step I'll repeat about 3-4 times daily, usually after a deep hand washing.

I just bought Walmart's Hair, Skin and Nails formula for about $7.00 this week and have been taking it for a few days, as nails only grow so fast this will need to be taken for awhile consistently for any difference to appear in a before and after manner. So at this beginning of my nail care routine, I hope to see real results in a matter of months. So stick around, grab some polishes and get busy with me! One other thing that I will share is finds at the Dollar Tree or Dollar General store. I haven't used the more expensive polishes in twenty years, so to be able to have the most variety I looked out for no more then $5 a bottle for polishes.

Some time ago at the Dollar Tree I picked up a pair of manicure gloves made of cotton, these are really cool looking and feel light. They are for using with lotion before bed. They also had footie socks made of this same light cotton gauze these gloves are made of. They were only a buck so if you see them and wondered what they were for, it's for using them with lotion to soften your hands or feet, wearing them as you sleep. IF you can tolerate such an arrangement. Otherwise leave them on and just relax for an hour, that would probably give the lotion enough time to soak in properly. I only use these a couple times in a week. Here's a pic of what they look like on one hand.

Now for some of my tools, I use a simple Cuticle Pusher, but I also have both types and Orange Sticks. I use all three on cuticles but for different reasons. The metal pusher is really great at scraping off dead skin, much more so then Orange Sticks or Red Plastic Tipped Pushers. Now once your skin is removed gently you can push the actual live tissue back gently with the Red Tipped Pusher. And Orange sticks, they are just fabulous for cleaning up polish mistakes. You dip it in remover and then carefully clean up the edges of the fingertips that got polish on them after a polishing.

So that's how I use those tools, I have yet to get dotting tools, or artsy brushes specifically designed for nail art but I will in time, this is a growing hobby for me and I really am enjoying it. I have a nail brush, like a fat toothbrush but made for the hands. There are many styles and you can pick one up at Sally's Beauty Supply or the Dollar Tree for a buck. They stimulate the nail beds and are good to get blood to them to help in nail growth. I use this a couple times a day. Usually if I use this I will use the olive oil in the dropper and do a little treatment on them.

I put a small line across the cuticle and underneath the free edge of the nail to nourish it all around and to strengthen it by keeping it hydrated. Then I rub the oil in gently massaging it onto the ends of my fingers and under the nail. I have noticed since starting this two weeks ago I have much healthier nails now. So hopefully I will have longer stronger nails in a couple of months. For right now they are only at the beginning of my nail turnaround. I take 3,000 mgs of Biotin and this formula of “Hair, Skin and Nails” of Biotin, Collagen and Gelatin a day now and this is day four.

I will be updating this routine as needed but for now I am on a bi-weekly manicuring schedule. I like to get my bathroom decked out and then have at it. There are many ways to get a good polish job on your nails. A strong base coat and top coat are absolute must haves. Unless you're a casual user of polish, you will want a nice good base coat, I got the Sally's Beauty Secrets Ridge Filling Base Coat and their Fast Dry Top Coat. I like both having had them on my nails now overnight, I am really pleased with how well they look over top and underneath the color of the Tiger Nail manicure I just did April 2nd, 2011. I will do a detailed step by step manicure blog post. I am just getting started so I hope you've enjoyed the tips and insider look at how one former nail tech cares for her own hands and nails.

One thing you'll probably notice is that I don't do pedicures and document that. It's because I am missing a toenail on the one foot so I won't do that, I don't wear polish on the toenails on my right foot. And as you might not know if this is your first Cyber-Soup ever, I am an amputee, and only have the right foot. I use a wheelchair to get around so I used to have bad nails, now with this new routine of caring for my nails, I am off to a good start at reconditioning and regrowing longer, healthier nails.

Thanks for reading!

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