Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Polish Review, Maybelline Express Finish 50 Second Nail Color, Manicure in Racy Red, Plans for Nail Soup And More

This was the first of many colors from this line. I like the formula well enough for a $3 nail polish, when you get it on sale that is. And I was lucky enough to have a nice sale to get like five total colors. I really liked the way that it applied, very nice even coverage and it was smooth, as long as I roll polishes instead of shaking them very few bubbles appear. This product definitely dries fast and once is set after a full 24 hours, it wears great. I used the same polish but in clear for the top and base coat on this manicure from March.

I use this great LACROSS file I found at the dollar tree and it’s awesome, I got this around the first week of March and it set off a chain reaction to getting me back into doing my nails.

Walgreens had a sale with a 40% off on these polishes and I got the Pink Shock, and two others, Berry Boucle, Racing Rubies, the clear was my fifth polish. I will definitely do some art using these colors and it’s a shame I didn’t photograph my manicure back then with the Pink Shock, it wore really well and was just a basic manicure. I enjoyed the color and did the Racy Red next which you saw above. I like the brush on these polishes, but I wasn’t getting any funky colors yet, that came later when I did some surfing and found the Wet ‘N Wild Fast Dry polishes. They are my end all go to nail polish now. I know there are more expensive polishes but I won’t be purchasing many of them.

I want to get the China Glaze Crackle polish, maybe two, and I would be happy. I know some ladies have a lot of polishes, and by a lot of polishes I mean hundreds of dollars-worth of it. I am almost done with my collection to have the colors I need to make some killer art on my hands. I have a modest collection and use a large cosmetic bag combination for supplies and polishes. I have done a 12 Step Manicure page showing how I set my bathroom up when I am doing a manicure. I also expect to be doing a review on the polish lines I am collecting from. There are a few.

The nice ladies at Sally’s said that the new Crackle polishes wouldn’t be in until mid-April and I need to call back to get in fast because they go quick! If you have done a Crackle or Black Shatter manicure I would love to see photos so linking to them here in comments is always appreciated. If there is something you’d like to see here beyond manicures, nail art and polish reviews let me know. I will gladly do requested entries if at all possible. I definitely expect to have some more fun nail art soon, I might try the toothpick approach for something to get me through until I pick up some brushes and dotting tools.

I will do other manicure entries with the other polishes mentioned here because they all are awesome! This Maybelline polish line is definitely fast drying, easy to apply and has some very fun colors. I think the coverage was almost good enough for a one coat coloring with base and top coats it would be enough if you get it on perfectly the first time. Something else worth noting, for this deep of a red especially, sometimes with this type of color you get a red mess on your fingers from the pigment from it being dispersed into the remover and coming in contact with your skin. This definitely does not do that, and I am happy to report that it does well coming off much like it does well going on.

Taking off polish should be easy, I like to get the cotton pads you can get at the Dollar Tree and I like to soak one pretty heavily with acetone remover and form it to the nail, doing two pads at a time so they don’t all dry up. After it sits on for two minutes or so, that’s when you pull down the nail and gently wipe it all off. Now if you really want a deep and long lasting manicure you can use two base coats or one good ridge filling one will do. I usually do two sometimes three coats of color, and then if I am going to do art of some kind it would come before the top coat. The trick to keeping a manicure longer for me has been to top coat again and again throughout the week, like every two days to maintain the polish’s integrity and prevent chipping.

It really works! Also it’s good to run the brush down at the free edge of the nails, it helps to seal in the polish and the nail. I haven’t tried the really expensive top coat, but I do like the one I just picked up at Sally’s. The Beauty Secrets line, I bought the ridge filling base coat and the fast drying top coat. I love these two products, the base dried like a dream in about a minute. It applied easily and was fantastic to work with. The top coat is very thin but really dries slick. I might get around to trying the more expensive stuff out, but then again I just might rebuy this brand but only its bigger bottle size.

A little history is in order. I grew up in the 1980’s and was a young adult in the 90’s. I took a 600 credit hour course for Nail Tech Masters. Things that are mainstays now like nail tape with holographic glitter polishes, and gems, these things were new in the late 80’s early 90’s. I graduated in 91’ when I got my GED, I had to drop out of high school after a bad motorcycle accident that left me a high level amputee. For more history about that you’re welcome to browse the rest of Cyber-Soup. This blog is aimed at sharing the best there is on a budget. The way I figure it is I get much more by buying myself tools and polishes to care for my hands myself, rather than paying a professional to keep up on my nails.

I minus the cost of about a weekly manicure and sink that into my own collection. I grew up on the original Wet ‘N Wild polishes from days gone past. I can’t remember the names but they were okay as far as painting your nails as a teen went. But now I feel with this new polish line, the Fast Dry line, that not only do they include a wide pallet of colors to choose from, but they have really upped their game in terms of polish quality. I had a hard time deciding just when I was full up, and I am not quite there yet, I might get the yellow, and the white, it really depends. I like to do lighter or even darker colors and do the opposite for highlights on the nail.    Soon I will be attempting Roses on a black or silver background, with pretty green stems and leaves.

I will show you some old school polished effects, I can’t promise to do a tutorial style, I work in private and in my bathroom, and I don’t own a tripod so that’s out. We’ll just have to see about it. I don’t know just how much I am going to be willing to do in time, but I know that I enjoy looking out there at nail artistry and it has reawakened my inner nail tech master. I say that and it is what I was, because the course you need to be a nail tech is only 120 hours and I did 5 times that in a 600 credit hours course specializing in nails. I hope you enjoy the blog and get something out of seeing the things I have done on my nails. The color therapy part of it is awesome, I feel almost high on colors when I look at good nail art I’ve done for myself. And now with my nails sitting here all done up I feel so much pleasure from them now.

I hope that you share with me in this blog how you feel about the Color Therapy aspect, does it factor into your polish buying? I will address this only to say that I find the idea of rainbow nails intriguing, and so I will probably have to try it, but it might end up being a marbling effect, which means I might not try this right away. I hope you’ll continue to check out the blog and leave comments, and ask questions. I have all kinds of topics I plan on writing about here on Nail Soup, so I hope you’ll stick around and stay awhile! As always, thank you for reading!

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