Monday, April 4, 2011

Polish Reviews: Wet 'N Wild Fast Dry Grey's Anatomy & Party of Five Glitters

This is a gorgeous color and most definitely belongs in anyone's collection in my humble opinion. Alone it's stunning, with nail art, even basic glitter polish, it becomes more subtle, but remains more punchy as a duochrome polish all alone. I really love the additional shimmering colors that appear in the light, from the pinkish purple, to the pretty greens and blue. It's a beautiful polish hands down. But as others have pointed out before me, that it's kind of sheer, well that's true, but for the most part with two coats I wasn't bothered and I went about three days with it before adding the Party of Five Glitters.

Here with the Party of Five Glitters

Now that's the good part, how it all looks. The bad part was getting the ONE heavy coat of Party of Five Glitters OFF was a monumental task. This was my most recent manicure before I did the Tiger Nails manicure. It took a lot of force after soaking the polish for a full 2 minutes under cotton pads to get it all off, and some pieces, well some needed the cuticle pusher to gently scrape off. I don't know that I will use it again, I like other glitter colors, the Gold and the Beautiful by this line of polish is gorgeous, I haven't used it yet but plan to in my next manicure. I really am loving these polishes, just from the few I've used they are fast drying, and after setting in the first 24 hour period they wear great!

So for $1.99 a pop I say grab your favorites because this fast drying polish line is awesome! Just look for Gray's Anatomy in the bottle, see it in person at Walgreens, or where ever you buy Wet 'N Wild products from. It's a keeper! I will be doing reviews of the different shades as each one sees day break in the form of being used. I have quite a few of these to use and I won't be posting pics of the bottles because I figure it's the results that matter and I will do one on my collection probably in the form of a youtube video. And a accompanying Blog post. So if you have requests or want to leave a link to your nail tips and tricks blog or youtube account, please feel free to leave one in a comment below.

I think I will try Gray's with a nail art rose when I get some green striping polish or Sagreena the Teenage Witch from the WNW Fast Dry line. Check the entire line out here:

I probably can do nice roses with no green leaves right now, but I figure some green would be fun to use on maybe a thumb and ring finger design scheme, where the nails are black or blue or bright violet, again all from this polish line, the colors they have are brilliant in this reviewer's opinion. I would do a more elaborate stem and maybe more roses on the thumb at the least, embellishing it nicely with black striping outlines. So look for a manicure like that to come this year. I might try a rainbow nail art and because of one awesome artist who's blog will be linked to on my sidebar here, I want to give water marbling a shot. But not until the nails I have now are longer and in better shape.

That will be one focus of the blog, to share things about nail care itself. The next blog will be on my regular routine and how I do a manicure. If you have any questions or just want to say “Hi!” please feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!

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