Monday, April 11, 2011

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Wined Up

This is a gorgeous deep red color and first off I want to talk about the brush this line of polish has. Wow! I have never seen such a short, fat brush before, and it made applying this polish a real dream. It totally covered the nails in one stroke, except for the thumb, and the polish went on smoothly. It covered perfectly in one stroke, I can’t stress that enough. And this color looked perfect to me with one coat.

I must admit going into this manicure my expectations were rather high, I have heard great things about the Insta-Dry line and using this polish made me a believer. I was lucky enough to find it in the local Dollar Tree, yes, that means I paid $1 for it, and in the blister pack there was a Hard As Nails. It’s a pretty shimmer polish called Rain Cloud. I did my nails before going to bed and they were fully dry by the time I was ready to sleep thirty minutes after I finished applying the Beauty Secrets Top Coat.

I am very impressed with how well this polish looks on the nail and application was a breeze, so overall I would definitely buy from this line again. I didn’t do any nail art this time around because the acrylic paint leopard prints I did last time, were so difficult to get off I figured I would take a break from that. So hopefully I will be up to doing some more of that soon, I am going to be attempting a water marble today when I have time, but from the practice runs I’ve done using index cards it’s definitely not an easy process to master.

I will be posting photos of the water marbling if I am successful, otherwise I will just keep at it and not give up. On my Nail Bloggers links list you can check out My Simple Little Pleasures blog and her youtube channel out for some incredible water marble designs. She’s fantastic at it and I have hope to get some decent results for my nails too. I will say that the instant or fast drying polishes are no good for water marbling, because you need time to work the polish. Thanks for reading and happy polishing!

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