Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Saved by the Blue, Wet ‘N Wild Fast Dry Polish Review

This is a brilliant blue color that just sings in the bottle and looks marvelous on the nails. I have to start off by talking about coverage, this was one coat, I imagine two coats would have been stunning and even more lovely then the one coat manicure I did with this shade of Saved by the Blue by Wet ‘N Wild, the Fast Dry line. I also imagine that had I used the Beauty Secrets ridge filling base coat and their fast drying top coat that I would have gotten much better results.

I like the brushes on these polishes; they are full and give great coverage, making the three-stroke method very easy to perform on the left hand, it’s always the right you need more help on if you’re right handed. This Vaseline trick might help: put a very THIN LAYER of it on the cuticle and skin next to the nail before polishing with color. This stays on until the polish is dry, and then you can easily use an orange wood stick and get rid of the mistakes on your skin and cuticles. They just slough right off because the petroleum prevents the polish from setting on the skin.

This polish wore fantastic, I had it on about a week and did the Grey’s Anatomy manicure next. I really did enjoy the bold brightness of this blue, had I had the Art Deco Striping Polishes then I would probably have done some simple line art on the ring finger and thumb. We’ll see how that goes, I may only do the one left hand, since it’s so hard to do the right, unless it’s for Tiger Nails or something easy like that. I also had an injury to the left elbow/forearm area last year and it still aches badly at times, so my left hand is affected by this.

I will be getting some acrylic paints soon, so the nail art posts will be more fun than just the polish reviews I’ve done up to now. We will see how the coming manicures I’ve yet to do will look. I am going to be taking on caring for my grandma’s nails, so hopefully I can take photos of them that I can use here to talk about the polish job and the manicure itself. I might do some fancy art on her nails, it depends, I want to do my own first so if I mess up I can easily redo it and not hold her time up since they are on a routine there at the ALF (Assisted Living Facility) she’s staying in now.

If I can get her nails in nice shape I will definitely do some nail art for her and will blog about it. As for this bright blue polish, what more can I say except that it’s a great choice to add to any collection. One coat coverage if you apply it flawlessly the first time around, or else you can wait a minute between coats and have just a little deeper blue. Under top coat it is really slick. I could imagine some line art on the ring and thumb with this manicure, but the first time around I just wanted bare polish.

After a week it was time to change it, but I loved the depth of this color. I did my thumb with a second coat so I mean it when I say it was stunningly blue. I really liked this color and the polish didn’t chip much, only showing minor tip wear on the index, middle and thumb fingers. I would love to see this color again with some white and black striping art and light glitter I got from the Wet ‘N Wild Shine line of polish. As for the Shine line, I don’t mind them, they are better than the older formula that they had in the 80’s and 90’s. It wears well and did chip on about the fourth day, on the index, middle, and thumb fingers.

That was even after a top coating done on day two and day four. Though really I wasn’t as religious about doing my nails a few months ago or even mid last year, on day four of this Shine line, I would much rather have just redone my nails entirely then just touch them up and stretch it for a week. I find when I have chipped polish nails break. Or that the nails will start to peel and that leads to breakage. This is where the olive oil treatments I do frequently throughout the day help the most. Because dry nails peel and are prone to breaking. If I get a peeled nail tip, I will gently buff it smooth with a buffer and then in the same color already on the nail I will add some to cover and overlap onto the old polish and then after it dries, I’ll throw on a coat of top coat. This is what I do when I can’t do a full manicure and that happens.

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