Thursday, April 14, 2011

Second Water Marble Attempt

I love the way this water marble design turned out. I’ll definitely do this again with these pinks. I went with a three some of Wet ‘N Wild, Wild Shines, this time. The colors are Frosted Fuchsia, Lavender Crème, and Metallica. I did do a base coat and a coat of Silvivor from the Wet ‘N Wild Fast Dry collection, but the silver polish in the marble is the Metallica one.

As it’s Thursday I went to the ALF (Assisted Living Facility ) and did my grandmother’s nails today, in the same Lavender Crème color I used in my marble. They came out gorgeous as last time. I had a great time doing them up too. I hope you like the results, she told me she got a lot of compliments on them and that her nails had never looked so pretty. Hearing that made me feel so good! That’s what doing your nails should be all 
about, making yourself feel good.

I picked up an awesome box type bag at a local thrift store for a buck and it’s just big enough to hold my stash of nail art supplies and all my polishes. You really cannot know what you’ll find in a thrift store so it pays to check them out. As soon as I saw it, reminded me of my old Nail Tech kit box and I knew I had to have it. It has red felt on the inside for lining and I just can’t believe it’s in perfect condition.

I really love this new bag. So if I buy any new polishes, and I just might, they can go in the other bag. I have my top coat and base coat in the smaller pink and white bag along with my acrylic paints and nail art brushes. I think I am satisfied with my supplies for the moment, but I say that after adding two more to my collection on this same outing. One polish actually wouldn’t ring up and the lady just gave it to me because she was feeling nice, so that was sweet, all in all I would say I had a very successful shopping outing. I really appreciate you reading and sharing in my nail art adventures! Thanks for stopping by Nail Soup!

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