Monday, April 4, 2011

Welcome to Nail Soup! Nails by Pamela

I went to Beauty School back in 1990 and graduated in 1991 as a Nail Tech Masters because I took 600 credit hours and basically 'specialized' in Nails. I let my license go because I had to face facts, I was too slow and had no way to deal with the harsh chemicals that are in most salons, I gave up after only two weeks in the field. I worked hard during those two weeks, but it became obvious that I had trouble doing them fast enough, and Artificial Nails were all the rage, those were especially hard to do well and polish them up in under two hours for me. They would look phenomenal when I was done though, but it was easy to see I couldn't hack this as a profession.

So I decided to just forget my hands for a long, long time. Mostly because of being in the wheelchair, I break nails all the time, so be aware if you follow my blog and enjoy natural nails, I won't be doing artificial ones because they are too hard on your natural nails. I love natural nails and will link to my favorite Nail Guru's on the side bar. This is my first entry on this brand spanking new blog for Cyber-Soup, and the first blog Cyber-Soup has ever had during it's over decade long run. My friend Chris has helped me set this blog up, and I really appreciate his help.

I plan on doing polish reviews on the brands in my collection, tons of nail art photos, and maybe some videos, again this is not set in stone, I need to reawaken my inner nail tech and I thought I would share and document the experience here on Cyber-Soup. I am proud that I can do at least my left hand well, hopefully over time I'll get better at doing my right. So unless I break a nail on the left, I will be photographing the left hand. I am right handed so my left hand tends to be longer then the right so it offers itself up to better art by being more canvas to work with.

I will be doing acrylic paint nail art, striping nail art, possible water marbling, and whatever else tickles my fancy. It is my hope that you enjoy this new blog, and I will definitely be doing a “Self-Care Routine that Works for Me” entry soon. How about we start this blog off with a bang and talk about my current manicure, for those of you new to the nail community, that is how people refer to the state of your nails with regard to polish and art. This current manicure was completed in two hours (I will include drying and set time in this estimate) and I enjoyed doing it, but the right hand needs some more work.

Here is one pic of the left hand:

And here is a pic of the overhead view, which helps the real beauty of this Wet N Wild Fast Dry polish in 9021Orange to shine through. I used L.A. Colors Art Deco polish striping polish in Black to make the striping. I used Sally's Beauty Secrets brand ridge filling base coat, and their fast drying top coat. I hope you like it. I hope that people will read and see my manicures and think about picking up a polish themselves, I find it relaxing to give myself manicures and I tend to think about my nails a lot. I fantasize about getting them in the best shape they can be in. Like in between manicures I think about what my next one will be, always seeking to do a nice cool polish job to be proud of.

Here it is in Sunlight

One other thing, I think it's worth mentioning is that the polishes now a days are like cheap color therapy! Have you seen the varieties of polish out now? Twenty years ago when I last got active in the nail community, it was a whole different world. Black and other dark colors were there but not as popular. Foiling was new, they had really cool gems that were new and now everyone wears those now. I probably won't get into the gems because I don't like how they feel on the nail itself. So look for polish arts, and manicures that will be fun and lively. I welcome you to my new blog, and thank you for reading, as always I welcome any comments or feedback on Cyber-Soup. Feel free to post here. 

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