Monday, May 9, 2011

Color Club Catwalk Queen Manicure

I felt a little daring last night, and because the Sally Hansen HD polish was chipping pretty badly I decided to redo my nails. In fact the Sally Hansen Byte manicure started chipping on day two so I am glad I only picked up one of these, even though the color is gorgeous, it's not up to par with the Xtreme Wear or Hard As Nails polish lines.

I really like the formula of this Color Club nail polish, it looks almost black but in the sunlight you can see it's more of a really dark, dark purple. It streaked on first coat but totally evened out on the second coat. So no complaints there. I use Poshe still, and it dried this polish in five minutes, so I am very pleased. I should be getting my substitute colors from Color Club this week so when I get them I will definitely be redoing them in one of the new colors. If they are as nice as Catwalk Queen I will definitely give them a rave review.

I hope that my order gets here soon, they shipped it Thursday of last week. I am looking forward to my polishes arrival and will take pics of the bottles to show you the colors all at once. I am hoping to be able to water marble with them after wearing each for a few days. Thanks for reading and sharing in the joy of polishing our nails! 

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