Thursday, May 5, 2011

Good Day for a Manicure

I added an update to my last post, but in case you missed it, Color Club contacted me this morning and is sending out four more polishes to make up for the four I was so unhappy with. I am very pleased with this resolution as I got to choose the colors and think that I will buy form them again for sure. The representative was very nice and apologetic so I feel they are being very gracious in fixing my problem for me. And I can’t thank them enough for that. Thank you Color Club!

As I promised I put on Byte today but the photos do not do it proper justice, It’s a really intense pinkish purple shimmer and I am loving it! I also went by Dollar Tree today to get some rocks for my fish tank and saw they had some Maybelline Express Finishes on sale two for a buck so I picked out two blister packs and got a duplicate of the pretty glittery polish called Celestial Shimmer, and one of Red Reds, and one of Magenta Magentas. Very pretty polishes, the Red Reds reminds me very much of strawberry fields in that it has a gold shimmery effect to it, but I wanted to wear the New HD polish so I could review its formula for you.

The new Sally Hansen High Definition HD color I chose is definitely sparkly, and it dried very well underneath my Poshe top coat, so no complaints there. It does need three coats though and even with that there is some VNL (visible nail lines) so maybe that isn’t the case with some of the darker colors, but it was with this one. I can easily overlook that though in light of how gorgeous this color actually is in sunlight and even artificial light. It’s simply stunning! Thank you for reading and happy polishing!

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