Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Got my Color Club Substitute Polishes

I am delighted with the colors, the blue is vibrant and vivid, the glitter is amazing, the purple is on the level with Flying Dragon, in terms of color, but its a bit deeper. I am very impressed with the formula, it dried well before I applied Poshe to it because I was wanting to use the glitter polish on my ring fingernails. After Poshe its wonderful glossy shine is a delight to behold. Here are the bottle shots, I only liked the one of the glitter, Magical Attraction, so that's the one close up. In order they are Pure Energy, Electronica, Magical Attraction and Slow jam.

I am really enjoying this color, Electronica, and it's more of what I had wanted Catwalk Queen to be, so I am really happy I picked it out. I of course sent a follow up email to the rep who helped me and thanked her for helping to make me a happy customer. I am very happy with my dealings with Forsythe/Color Club and most definitely will buy from the same supplier again to get more more of these awesome polishes. 

I hope you don't mind the pictures, I know my camera is not the best but sometime soon, like this year sometime we'll be getting a better one. For now this is what I have to work with. I feel that the camera does capture some of the glory of these manicures I've done over the past couple of months. I hope you agree that it's not too bad, and it is worth continuing to document my manicures. Thank you for reading and happy polishing!

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