Monday, May 23, 2011

My Revvvolution Is Holographic!

I had done a manicure with Wet 'N Wild Ebony Hates Chris and Sinful Colors This Is It, and it came out pretty good. Here is a photo of it:

It came out pretty good I think, but today I was asking myself, "What if Revvvolution is dud in the bottle but kind of holo on the nail? What the heck, try it." So I did, and low and behold it was! I apologize for the fuzziness of the photos but I think I managed to capture the holo goodness of Revvvolution after all! I have to apologize to Color Club, this polish is cool, it's not in your face holo but the holoness is there. 

I am really glad I gave it a shot on the nail, I really am very pleased with my other Color Club polishes so I will definitely be purchasing more from the beauty supplier I got them from. I hope you give them a try, they have a great formula that is easy to work with and dries pretty quickly for a non-fast dry polish. I am very impressed with their polishes and am in love with Pure Energy, it's my new favorite blue polish. That's all I have for you today, so thank you for reading and happy polishing!

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