Monday, May 2, 2011

Up to 3 Nail Wraps Now

I broke yet another nail last night, it was my index nail on the right hand this time so I am working on the wrapping process. If you’ve never done it yourself check this video out:

I used the same products she does in this video and it’s easy enough to do, so if you are new to taking Biotin and like me still working on shaping up your existing nails, this can be very useful. I think it’s important to talk about silk wrapping on this blog because I used to do Gel Nails and used similar silk wrap to help strengthen the artificial nails I applied. Now I am just using this on my natural nails of course, and Colette does too when she has tears. It’s good to get the supplies and have them on hand just in case.
All three of my tears are below the quick-line so I wanted to try to save them from being ripped off and bloody. That would be a real bummer, so this has worked for me so far. You’ll need some Non-Acetone polish remover to use with them or else you’ll damage the work you’ve done to repair the torn nail. I am hopeful that these repairs I’ve done will hold up for two weeks like Colette gets out of her silk wraps. As long as you use the Gel Resin instead of nail glue, it should last about two weeks. I have one week left on my left index and a week and a half on the thumb on the left.
I hope this is useful to you ladies, because I know I hate losing a nail that I know I could have wrapped to salvage until it grew out and then trim it or file it off. Here are links to these two products on Sally’s Beauty Supply website:
In other news I have placed a modest order with Victoria’s Beauty Supply for five bottles of Color Club polish. Four are holographic ones, two from the Femme Fatale collection, Revvvolution, and Worth the Risque, which I got two bottles of because I really fell in love with it. Then I got two from the Catwalk Queen collection, Catwalk Queen, a stunning deep purple shimmer, and then the incredible light purple holographic shimmer Fashion Addict. I should be getting them soon and will be polishing the minute I get the packaging open and bottle of Fashion Addict to my bathroom.
I am really looking forward to getting this order and I cannot wait to try them all, so look out for some killer manicures coming soon. I think this almost completes my modest collection, at around 80 bottles total of polish. I was going to make a really cool display but I have changed my mind because my son would most likely think it was his to play with and he’d ruin or at least mess up some of my polishes. So that’s out. But if you want to make one LovinBeautyNStyle on youtube has some awesome DIY instructional videos on using foam board from Dollar Tree. Here are the two videos she has up for this neat display that is made with hot glue and two foam boards.
I instead have used a medium sized tin I had that has no lid and I never knew what to do with it, and that camera bag I posted about early on in my blog. I am pleased with the fact it fits under the sink where the kiddo can’t get to it so I think my collection is safe. I don’t have any new manicure pics to share today, but I will as soon as my polishes arrive, so for now I hope that this entry on nail wrapping and that sharing the information about that and the videos are enough to tide you over until I get Fashion Addict and do my nails up in that gorgeous color. Thanks for reading and happy polishing!

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