Friday, April 29, 2011

Finally got Broken Hearted!

Hey everyone! I was lucky enough to swing by Sally’s today and found that they had Lightning Bolt, Cracked Concrete and the one I came for, Broken Hearted all in stock! I was thrilled. Sadly today I busted a nail on the trunk as I always seem to, but it wasn’t below the quickline, so it’s just awkward looking on my middle finger. I lost a good amount of length, but it’s okay.

When I took off my polish I discovered a tear on my thumb so I applied a nail wrap, it took ages to dry so I was really ready to get down to applying the pink crackle. I used Revlon’s Top Speed, in Golden underneath it, and applied a new to me China Glaze Holographic top coat, Fairy Dust. I think the results speak for themselves. I really enjoy doing my nails like so many of you ladies, and I enjoy a good sale on nail polish. So when a friend told me Sinful Colors was on sale half off, ($.99) I had to swing by Walgreen’s today and pick out five I had my eye on.

I didn’t have any luck finding the Milani 3D holo’s unfortunately, so I might end up buying them online from CVS, just not right now, since I was already in the local CVS and saw they had a buy 1 get one 50% off on Revlon, including Top Speeds, I snagged myself two, Lilac and the Golden you see below. I am pretty impressed with the coverage and speed of drying, so if they weren’t almost $7 a piece I might repurchase, so if they have them on sale I think it’s worth adding a few to your collection. I really am delighted to have made the purchases I did today.

I went shopping before I stopped by the ALF (assisted living facility) to do my grandmother’s nails. She had a bad break on her index finger but I took care of it. I am really delighted that China Glaze’s Strawberry Fields wore so well, I did my nails Tuesday and had I not had the break today I was going to wait and do the up tomorrow, but I had zero chipping with it. Gorgeous color, it looked great on her, I added Sinful’s This Is It golden shimmer to the ring fingernails and I think she was very pleased with this color. She had much less chipping so I think using the Strong Adhesion first, then the Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler is the ticket to her manicures lasting well, and to covering up my nail wrapping tears on my manicures.

It might take a bit of time to do three base coats, but in both cases two coats of the ridge filler is needed in my opinion. I did it that way last time when I did Flying Dragon and applied the first wrap, and I was worried it was why I had chipping, but this time I did the same thing with the Strawberry Fields manicure and it lasted four days without chipping so I think something is up with Flying Dragon’s formula. Maybe it’s just the neon’s that are like that. So I picked out some pretty colors Sinful Color’s had and one was a neon purple to take the place of Flying Dragon. I got a gorgeous greenish blue glitter called Nail Junkie, and a red called GoGo Girl, and a pretty Green called San Francisco, and a lovely blue, Midnight Blue.

I will see about posting a video on the mini-haul and share it by editing it in here. For now here are the pics, with Grandmother’s manicure at the top, followed by my first attempt with Broken Hearted. I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading! Happy polishing!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

China Glaze Strawberry Fields Manicure

I really love this polish, it went on incredibly well, no streaking like Flying Dragon did on the first coat and dried to a nice glossy finish. I really am impressed with how nice it turned out. It was unfortunate that Flying Dragon was chipping pretty badly on day one and day two, but no worries, it was Strawberry Fields to the rescue!

I am glad I picked this polish up, it’s absolutely gorgeous, it has a luscious golden shimmer to it that the pictures could not do justice to. It was dry in no time thanks to my Poshe’ top coat, which I have decided to stick with and not buy the Seche Vite because I just adore the way Poshe’ wears and applies I can’t imagine anything better. So there won’t be a comparison between the two like I had originally thought I would do. If Sally’s sold the Seche Restore I’d think about it, but they don’t so I don’t want to use half a bottle of it and then be stuck with an unusable half.

I am planning on buying some of the Milani 3D Holographic polishes, I think the blue one, the purple one and maybe the silver or pink one. Might even go for the gold one, it depends on how well I like the first two I buy as to whether or not I buy more. In other polish news, I have heard that Sally Hansen is adding a new permanent line of crackle polishes in eight bright, bold colors! I am very excited to hear about this, and I can’t wait until June when the line of crackles debuts!

The eight polishes are:

Snow Blast, White
Vintage Violet, Purple
Fracture Foil, Silver
Fuchsia Shock, Pink
Distressed Denim, Blue
Antiqued Gold
Cherry Smash, Red
Ink Splatter, Black

 I definitely want the gold, blue, purple, and red. What colors are you looking forward to? I am really glad that Sally Hansen is jumping on the Crackle bandwagon because I can’t seem to score a bottle of Broken Hearted, the pink crackle by China Glaze. I know some ladies were lucky enough to score the entire collection back in February but I was just getting back into doing my nails then, and not really going to Sally’s Beauty Supply yet. The polishes will go for just about $6 retail. Hope you like the pics of my current manicure.

I hope this polish lasts awhile, it looks wonderful in my opinion and I am very happy and would definitely repurchase it if I use it all up. That’s it for now, thanks for reading and happy polishing!

Monday, April 25, 2011

China Glaze Flying Dragon Manicure

This color is a really pretty purple, with pink, purple and blue glitters. I used two coats of Flying Dragon and two layers of Poshe’ top coat. The Flying Dragon dries matte, and you could wear it that way, but I prefer glossier looks and like it with two layers of top coat. I wanted to dress up the ring finger with Strobe Light from Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear.

I have to say this color is darker on the nail then it is in the bottle and though it’s rather opaque it takes two full coats to achieve the best finished look. The local Sally’s are still sold out of this color, so if you’re lucky enough to score it I think it’s a great addition to any collection. It applied smoothly, but if you go over it twice it streaks, although the second coat remedies this, it’s still something worth mentioning. I was pleased with the second coat’s appearance and with Poshe’ you can paint over top of wet nails and it dries them within five minutes. Here are the results.

I hope that this polish review helps you make your decision on whether or not to add this pretty purple to your collection. I really like this color and have plans to water marble with it so stay tuned for those results in an upcoming post. Thank you for taking time to share in my thoughts on this great polish from China Glaze. And thank you for reading. Happy polishing!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sally Hansen Red Carpet Xtreme Wear

I have a new favorite red! And it’s Red Carpet by Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear line. It went on great and I love the brush, it’s similar to the Insta-Dry line’s brushes, but longer by a little bit. I really am impressed with the shimmery color, it’s like wearing crushed up rubies on your nails, really it’s fabulous! I have to say of all the reds I’ve ever worn this is the showiest. I can’t stop looking at my nails, I just adore it that much. The pictures are in sunlight because the camera wasn’t able to capture its true beauty in lamp light.

This manicure uses Poshe’ top coat, and China Glaze Strong Adhesion base coat, instead of the Beauty Secrets top and base coats. I am new to using the China Glaze Strong Adhesion base coat and polishes, but I think they are high quality. I had the Strong Adhesion base coat with the Poshe’ top coat on the last manicure and I went four days with no chipping whatsoever this time, so it’s my theory that it’s the Beauty Secrets base and top coat that made my previous manicures chip. I know some people use them without any issues with chipping, but I definitely noticed a difference with the new base and top coat I have been using.

I hope you enjoyed this review and the photographs. Thanks for reading and I hope you take a moment to leave a comment on my blog to share your thoughts on this fantastic red.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pink Voltage with Black Mesh Crackle

I think the pictures speak for themselves, this manicure is my favorite crackled one so far. It’s beautiful. And I think I got the hang of the application, though it’s not easy to get it on perfectly, I think this time I did better than the past couple attempts. The China Glaze polishes are awesome, this is my first time using the Strong Adhesion Base Coat and it went on perfectly. The Pink Voltage looks great by itself, but with the 
Black Mesh it’s really striking.

It’s amazing how fast this crackle polish dries, you have to be really careful to get it right the first time because it’s not really possible to go over an area that you already did. It just dries that fast. I am very impressed with the China Glaze polishes, I got a nice selection so far because of that April sale Sally’s Beauty Supply is having on polish. I want to get the pink crackle called Broken Hearted but they’ve yet to get it back in stock.

In Crackle news though, originally this was intended to be a temporary polish line, but the guy at Sally’s told me yesterday that they’ve decided to keep it on and are making more because they totally ran out completely. I am lucky I got in there on Saturday to get mine because they are already sold out of the Black Mesh again. If they get that pink in I am going to grab a bottle for sure. I like the Crushed Candy one, that’s like a light greenish blue, but I don’t think I want to get it. And I am not sure I want the Cracked Concrete one anymore, I think Black Mesh and Broken Hearted will be something I will use a lot of and so those are the two I want in my collection.

I hope you like the pictures, I really think they came out really good compared to the other two crackle manicures I’ve done, because of the bright pink underneath the Black Mesh. I think the next one will be the Silvivor Fast Dry polish by Wet ‘N Wild, underneath Black Mesh so look out for that to come in a few days. I want to leave this one on for a while as long as it doesn’t chip. Crossing my fingers that this new base coat makes a difference in that regard, because I really love the way this manicure turned out. Thanks for reading! And happy polishing!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Flying Dragon With Black Mesh, Crackle Manicure

I definitely need to work on my application of Crackle polish, it isn’t like normal polish, you want a very thin coat and that isn’t easy to achieve when you’re used to thicker coats. I am happy with the combination, but think a brighter color will work better, so I went to Sally’s again today and picked up some strong adhesion base coat, a neon pink and a lovely green polish. I plan on taking this off tonight and redoing my nails in Pink Voltage with Black Mesh and have hope that it will look the best out of any of the colors I’ve crackled over.

I know I didn’t clean my cuticles, I have trouble with that, I bought some brushes today and am going to try a technique where I load the brush with remover and then go over the mistakes to take them off. I hope that works, if anyone has any tips on that besides the Vaseline tip, I’d love to hear them. It took sunlight to make this manicure look good, and FYI the Flying Dragon color dries matte, so make sure you have a decent top coat for use with it.

I will post a new entry soon with the Pink Voltage color beneath the Black mesh, I have to hope that the China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat will work well, because I don’t want to see another chipping manicure after less then 24 hours. I think the Beauty Secrets base coat, while great for filling ridges just does not have the staying power I am looking for. I heard from Mother today that Grandmother’s nails are chipping too, so when I see her Friday, I will use the China Glaze on her too and see if that gives us better results.

I hope that this time around I can make the crackle polish do its thing properly. So look for a new entry tomorrow or Thursday. I had a ring finger nail break at the quick this morning on my right hand, I clipped it down as far as I could and it looks awful, but it happens. Two on that hand in under a week though, makes me think I need to go easier on my right hand somehow. Anyway, I thank you all for taking time to share in my Crackling adventures and I know I’ll get the hang of it somehow. Thanks for checking out my blog and for coming back to see the updates. It makes me so pleased to know people are reading and checking out the pictures.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

First Crackle Manicure

Today I was lucky enough to get a bottle of Black Mesh, the Crackle by China Glaze, and it will take some getting used to. I also got three other polishes today, the one I used for the Crackle manicure was China Glaze, Awakening. I bought some Poshe top coat and wow, am I impressed. I will be getting a bottle of Seche Vite to compare it to the Poshe, but this top coat looks wet even when dry, it’s amazing!

To be fair I think it takes some careful application to get the crackle effect to really come across, so you really can’t see it that well on these photos, but it is there. I got the first one perfect, and the rest were just too thick of an application to get the right coverage for maximum effect. I will have to redo this manicure in the future, but next time I will be doing the China Glaze color, Flying Dragon underneath the Black Mesh.

I really love the way this top coat applies and dries so quickly. It’s really glossy and is the best I’ve used yet to date. The best trick I know for maintaining a manicure is to reapply top coat every couple of days, and so I will reapply the Poshe polish to my nails Monday or just redo them altogether if I have any chips by then. I will probably be going by Sally’s again to buy three more China Glaze polishes, they have a sale this month where you buy two and get one free, and I joined the Beauty Club today because I wanted to get a few polishes and it was well worth it.

I don’t know what three colors I’ll end up with but we’ll see. I really like the Flying Dragon color and can’t wait to see that on my nails, it’s got some tiny glitter in it and is such a pretty purple, I think it will look better under the Black Mesh Crackle. When I had the Awakening polish on by itself it was lovely, I should have snapped a photo but I was anxious to see the Black Mesh in action. Next time though, I will take time to shoot a couple of photos. That’s all for now! Thanks for reading!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Second Water Marble Attempt

I love the way this water marble design turned out. I’ll definitely do this again with these pinks. I went with a three some of Wet ‘N Wild, Wild Shines, this time. The colors are Frosted Fuchsia, Lavender Crème, and Metallica. I did do a base coat and a coat of Silvivor from the Wet ‘N Wild Fast Dry collection, but the silver polish in the marble is the Metallica one.

As it’s Thursday I went to the ALF (Assisted Living Facility ) and did my grandmother’s nails today, in the same Lavender Crème color I used in my marble. They came out gorgeous as last time. I had a great time doing them up too. I hope you like the results, she told me she got a lot of compliments on them and that her nails had never looked so pretty. Hearing that made me feel so good! That’s what doing your nails should be all 
about, making yourself feel good.

I picked up an awesome box type bag at a local thrift store for a buck and it’s just big enough to hold my stash of nail art supplies and all my polishes. You really cannot know what you’ll find in a thrift store so it pays to check them out. As soon as I saw it, reminded me of my old Nail Tech kit box and I knew I had to have it. It has red felt on the inside for lining and I just can’t believe it’s in perfect condition.

I really love this new bag. So if I buy any new polishes, and I just might, they can go in the other bag. I have my top coat and base coat in the smaller pink and white bag along with my acrylic paints and nail art brushes. I think I am satisfied with my supplies for the moment, but I say that after adding two more to my collection on this same outing. One polish actually wouldn’t ring up and the lady just gave it to me because she was feeling nice, so that was sweet, all in all I would say I had a very successful shopping outing. I really appreciate you reading and sharing in my nail art adventures! Thanks for stopping by Nail Soup!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First Water Marbling Attempt

I think the results speak for themselves, this technique takes a bit of time to master, but the results can be really gorgeous. I stumbled across My Simple Little Pleasures Youtube Channel when searching for nail art to see leopard print color combinations other ladies have used and I was fascinated by the technique she uses and have to say, I am glad I found her channel and her blog, Colette is a real creative genius and I really admire her work.

So you can see the colors I chose were in the blue hues, I went with Wet ‘N Wild’ds Wild Shine in Bijou Blue, Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear in Lacey Lilac, and Pacific Blue. This was done over top of a ridge-filling base coat and one coat of Sally Hansen’s White On from the Xtreme Wear line. I used regular masking tape to protect my skin and did one or two nails at a time. It’s hard to do more than one though, but if you can tweak your design to have two perfect parts why not?

I high recommend watching some of Colette’s Water Marbling Tutorials if you’re interested in trying out this technique for yourself. I practiced for two days beforehand to test out polishes and can tell you the Fast Drying Wet ‘N Wild ones do not work, but the Wild Shine line works fine. I would recommend trying out the colors you think will work good together on an index card first, then you can work on your ability to manipulate the polish with an orange stick or toothpick, so you get a little experience working with the polish before you try to get it on your nails.

I did about five practice index cards before I did my nails and I am really glad I did so I could figure out that the Wet 'N Wild Wild Shine line was going to work for me. They are on sale at Walgreens right now for $.69 a piece so if you're looking to get some new colors they have some nice ones. I picked up five more today, two pinks, two purples and one in black so my next water marble attempt will be just as pretty as this manicure was I hope. Thanks for reading and I hope you'll come back to check out more water marbling art, along with more acrylic paint art soon!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Wined Up

This is a gorgeous deep red color and first off I want to talk about the brush this line of polish has. Wow! I have never seen such a short, fat brush before, and it made applying this polish a real dream. It totally covered the nails in one stroke, except for the thumb, and the polish went on smoothly. It covered perfectly in one stroke, I can’t stress that enough. And this color looked perfect to me with one coat.

I must admit going into this manicure my expectations were rather high, I have heard great things about the Insta-Dry line and using this polish made me a believer. I was lucky enough to find it in the local Dollar Tree, yes, that means I paid $1 for it, and in the blister pack there was a Hard As Nails. It’s a pretty shimmer polish called Rain Cloud. I did my nails before going to bed and they were fully dry by the time I was ready to sleep thirty minutes after I finished applying the Beauty Secrets Top Coat.

I am very impressed with how well this polish looks on the nail and application was a breeze, so overall I would definitely buy from this line again. I didn’t do any nail art this time around because the acrylic paint leopard prints I did last time, were so difficult to get off I figured I would take a break from that. So hopefully I will be up to doing some more of that soon, I am going to be attempting a water marble today when I have time, but from the practice runs I’ve done using index cards it’s definitely not an easy process to master.

I will be posting photos of the water marbling if I am successful, otherwise I will just keep at it and not give up. On my Nail Bloggers links list you can check out My Simple Little Pleasures blog and her youtube channel out for some incredible water marble designs. She’s fantastic at it and I have hope to get some decent results for my nails too. I will say that the instant or fast drying polishes are no good for water marbling, because you need time to work the polish. Thanks for reading and happy polishing!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Leopard Nail Art, First Attempt in Twenty Years

When I was a nail tech back in 91’ I used to enjoy using acrylic paints and hand painting my own nail art. I have done all kinds of nail art in the past. But I haven’t done any in about twenty years. So yesterday I went to Sally’s and low and behold the four pack of nail art brushes was on sale! Of course I got them and a new fat orange stick and a pair of nail clippers that were on sale. Then I went to the Dollar Tree and picked up both sets of six colors of acrylic paints. I decided to do leopard print of pink with the bright violet purple of the Wet ‘N Wild Buffy the Violet Slayer. Here is what they came out like when I did them like I would a normal manicure.

They looked great, so I let them set dry for hours. I had to wait until my son was in bed before attempting the nail art part. I think that this leopard effect is awesome but I need brighter colors next time. They came out rather subtle and the black lining is hard to see against the dark violet background. Still part of this blog is to show the progression of my re-entry into the world of polishes and acrylic paint, so that means I will show you mistakes and mishaps just like I will share the best manicures. I will probably only leave this on until Monday, and then I will be attempting a rose manicure. So without further fanfare, here are the leopard nails.

I will definitely be doing this again. I knew it would be a good practice run, but I wish it had come out a bit brighter. I used The Gold And The Beautiful, from the Wet ‘N Wild Fast Dry Collection, which helped mute the bright violet somewhat. I like that effect, but it’s difficult to see it in the photos. I liked the effect of the gold glitter polish overtop of the violet by itself, but this manicure was all about the leopard print. I used to do them in leopard print years ago in the typical leopard tones, and they always looked fabulous. I am not disappointed by the way they came out, but I think I could have gone with a lighter background color and then used a darker tone for the spots with the black liner. I think that would have been better, but again, as this was my first attempt in about twenty years I am very pleased with the results.

The acrylic went on great but took a couple of applications to look very pink. The black went on in one coat and covered perfectly, just like I remembered it working like back in the day. Now that I have done it and bought the right tools, I am delighted to be able to say that now I can start doing things I have only up to now dreamed of doing. Like Spongebob Nails, or Rose Manicures, things like fruit, flowers and critters.  I don’t think the Spongebob ones are coming just yet though, I need some time to get working on designs for them and I know that will be a fun entry to compose. If there is something you think I should try I would love to hear from you. As always, thanks for reading.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Manicure in Pink Shock, Maybelline Express Finish: 50 Second Dry Polish

I wish the pictures had come out better, but you can see that two ridge filling base coats with the Beauty Secrets brand from Sally’s did a fantastic job after the slight buffing I gave her nails. I left one tiny mistake on her index finger, but I didn’t want to get remover near the rest of the polish. So that little bit will peel away in a day or two. It’s remarkable the difference you can clearly see in the before the manicure and after.

And here is the after picture

I am really tickled with how well her nails looked. She had nice nails for the most part once I buffed them down slightly. It’s gratifying to see the smile it brought to her face to see her nails all done up. She said she hadn’t polished her nails in over 40 years, so it brought me great pleasure to do this simple thing for her. She used to live two hours away so this was the first time I was able to get my hands on her nails, but it definitely won’t be the last. I am planning on a weekly polish change with manicuring as needed.

She was so thrilled, and laughed at my pretty tiger manicure, asking if I did it myself. I told her yes and she smiled. I asked her to pick out a polish and she chose Pink Shock, I kinda had a feeling she would go for that one, and it was a dream to work with. One coat would have been perfect except for the ring finger you can see it really had some deep ridges. The two coats of base coat worked great and we gave them plenty of drying time. Over all I am very pleased with this manicure and as it was the first one I’ve done in twenty years I wanted to get right back in the swing of things.

I used The Gold and the Beautiful on the ring fingers, from Wet ‘N Wild’s fast dry collection as a topper and it came out beautifully! After we left the ALF (Assisted Living Facility) my mother and I went to Sally’s and the Dollar Tree, I got some cool nail art brushes and a few new Art Deco Striping polishes. And I got the acrylic paints I was wanting, so the last thing I am getting this month will be the white polish, probably Sally Hansen’s Extreme Wear and some China Glaze Crackle of some sort when Sally’s gets them back in stock.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the results of this gentle manicure I did today for my grandmother. Once I get some nail art done and get back into practice I will be doing some for her beyond simple striping and polish art. So look for some nail artwork entries to be coming now that I have the supplies I needed to get started. I think the first one will be rough, but we’ll see. As always, thanks for reading and I look forward to cranking out some cool artwork soon!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Saved by the Blue, Wet ‘N Wild Fast Dry Polish Review

This is a brilliant blue color that just sings in the bottle and looks marvelous on the nails. I have to start off by talking about coverage, this was one coat, I imagine two coats would have been stunning and even more lovely then the one coat manicure I did with this shade of Saved by the Blue by Wet ‘N Wild, the Fast Dry line. I also imagine that had I used the Beauty Secrets ridge filling base coat and their fast drying top coat that I would have gotten much better results.

I like the brushes on these polishes; they are full and give great coverage, making the three-stroke method very easy to perform on the left hand, it’s always the right you need more help on if you’re right handed. This Vaseline trick might help: put a very THIN LAYER of it on the cuticle and skin next to the nail before polishing with color. This stays on until the polish is dry, and then you can easily use an orange wood stick and get rid of the mistakes on your skin and cuticles. They just slough right off because the petroleum prevents the polish from setting on the skin.

This polish wore fantastic, I had it on about a week and did the Grey’s Anatomy manicure next. I really did enjoy the bold brightness of this blue, had I had the Art Deco Striping Polishes then I would probably have done some simple line art on the ring finger and thumb. We’ll see how that goes, I may only do the one left hand, since it’s so hard to do the right, unless it’s for Tiger Nails or something easy like that. I also had an injury to the left elbow/forearm area last year and it still aches badly at times, so my left hand is affected by this.

I will be getting some acrylic paints soon, so the nail art posts will be more fun than just the polish reviews I’ve done up to now. We will see how the coming manicures I’ve yet to do will look. I am going to be taking on caring for my grandma’s nails, so hopefully I can take photos of them that I can use here to talk about the polish job and the manicure itself. I might do some fancy art on her nails, it depends, I want to do my own first so if I mess up I can easily redo it and not hold her time up since they are on a routine there at the ALF (Assisted Living Facility) she’s staying in now.

If I can get her nails in nice shape I will definitely do some nail art for her and will blog about it. As for this bright blue polish, what more can I say except that it’s a great choice to add to any collection. One coat coverage if you apply it flawlessly the first time around, or else you can wait a minute between coats and have just a little deeper blue. Under top coat it is really slick. I could imagine some line art on the ring and thumb with this manicure, but the first time around I just wanted bare polish.

After a week it was time to change it, but I loved the depth of this color. I did my thumb with a second coat so I mean it when I say it was stunningly blue. I really liked this color and the polish didn’t chip much, only showing minor tip wear on the index, middle and thumb fingers. I would love to see this color again with some white and black striping art and light glitter I got from the Wet ‘N Wild Shine line of polish. As for the Shine line, I don’t mind them, they are better than the older formula that they had in the 80’s and 90’s. It wears well and did chip on about the fourth day, on the index, middle, and thumb fingers.

That was even after a top coating done on day two and day four. Though really I wasn’t as religious about doing my nails a few months ago or even mid last year, on day four of this Shine line, I would much rather have just redone my nails entirely then just touch them up and stretch it for a week. I find when I have chipped polish nails break. Or that the nails will start to peel and that leads to breakage. This is where the olive oil treatments I do frequently throughout the day help the most. Because dry nails peel and are prone to breaking. If I get a peeled nail tip, I will gently buff it smooth with a buffer and then in the same color already on the nail I will add some to cover and overlap onto the old polish and then after it dries, I’ll throw on a coat of top coat. This is what I do when I can’t do a full manicure and that happens.

Thanks for reading!

Polish Review, Maybelline Express Finish 50 Second Nail Color, Manicure in Racy Red, Plans for Nail Soup And More

This was the first of many colors from this line. I like the formula well enough for a $3 nail polish, when you get it on sale that is. And I was lucky enough to have a nice sale to get like five total colors. I really liked the way that it applied, very nice even coverage and it was smooth, as long as I roll polishes instead of shaking them very few bubbles appear. This product definitely dries fast and once is set after a full 24 hours, it wears great. I used the same polish but in clear for the top and base coat on this manicure from March.

I use this great LACROSS file I found at the dollar tree and it’s awesome, I got this around the first week of March and it set off a chain reaction to getting me back into doing my nails.

Walgreens had a sale with a 40% off on these polishes and I got the Pink Shock, and two others, Berry Boucle, Racing Rubies, the clear was my fifth polish. I will definitely do some art using these colors and it’s a shame I didn’t photograph my manicure back then with the Pink Shock, it wore really well and was just a basic manicure. I enjoyed the color and did the Racy Red next which you saw above. I like the brush on these polishes, but I wasn’t getting any funky colors yet, that came later when I did some surfing and found the Wet ‘N Wild Fast Dry polishes. They are my end all go to nail polish now. I know there are more expensive polishes but I won’t be purchasing many of them.

I want to get the China Glaze Crackle polish, maybe two, and I would be happy. I know some ladies have a lot of polishes, and by a lot of polishes I mean hundreds of dollars-worth of it. I am almost done with my collection to have the colors I need to make some killer art on my hands. I have a modest collection and use a large cosmetic bag combination for supplies and polishes. I have done a 12 Step Manicure page showing how I set my bathroom up when I am doing a manicure. I also expect to be doing a review on the polish lines I am collecting from. There are a few.

The nice ladies at Sally’s said that the new Crackle polishes wouldn’t be in until mid-April and I need to call back to get in fast because they go quick! If you have done a Crackle or Black Shatter manicure I would love to see photos so linking to them here in comments is always appreciated. If there is something you’d like to see here beyond manicures, nail art and polish reviews let me know. I will gladly do requested entries if at all possible. I definitely expect to have some more fun nail art soon, I might try the toothpick approach for something to get me through until I pick up some brushes and dotting tools.

I will do other manicure entries with the other polishes mentioned here because they all are awesome! This Maybelline polish line is definitely fast drying, easy to apply and has some very fun colors. I think the coverage was almost good enough for a one coat coloring with base and top coats it would be enough if you get it on perfectly the first time. Something else worth noting, for this deep of a red especially, sometimes with this type of color you get a red mess on your fingers from the pigment from it being dispersed into the remover and coming in contact with your skin. This definitely does not do that, and I am happy to report that it does well coming off much like it does well going on.

Taking off polish should be easy, I like to get the cotton pads you can get at the Dollar Tree and I like to soak one pretty heavily with acetone remover and form it to the nail, doing two pads at a time so they don’t all dry up. After it sits on for two minutes or so, that’s when you pull down the nail and gently wipe it all off. Now if you really want a deep and long lasting manicure you can use two base coats or one good ridge filling one will do. I usually do two sometimes three coats of color, and then if I am going to do art of some kind it would come before the top coat. The trick to keeping a manicure longer for me has been to top coat again and again throughout the week, like every two days to maintain the polish’s integrity and prevent chipping.

It really works! Also it’s good to run the brush down at the free edge of the nails, it helps to seal in the polish and the nail. I haven’t tried the really expensive top coat, but I do like the one I just picked up at Sally’s. The Beauty Secrets line, I bought the ridge filling base coat and the fast drying top coat. I love these two products, the base dried like a dream in about a minute. It applied easily and was fantastic to work with. The top coat is very thin but really dries slick. I might get around to trying the more expensive stuff out, but then again I just might rebuy this brand but only its bigger bottle size.

A little history is in order. I grew up in the 1980’s and was a young adult in the 90’s. I took a 600 credit hour course for Nail Tech Masters. Things that are mainstays now like nail tape with holographic glitter polishes, and gems, these things were new in the late 80’s early 90’s. I graduated in 91’ when I got my GED, I had to drop out of high school after a bad motorcycle accident that left me a high level amputee. For more history about that you’re welcome to browse the rest of Cyber-Soup. This blog is aimed at sharing the best there is on a budget. The way I figure it is I get much more by buying myself tools and polishes to care for my hands myself, rather than paying a professional to keep up on my nails.

I minus the cost of about a weekly manicure and sink that into my own collection. I grew up on the original Wet ‘N Wild polishes from days gone past. I can’t remember the names but they were okay as far as painting your nails as a teen went. But now I feel with this new polish line, the Fast Dry line, that not only do they include a wide pallet of colors to choose from, but they have really upped their game in terms of polish quality. I had a hard time deciding just when I was full up, and I am not quite there yet, I might get the yellow, and the white, it really depends. I like to do lighter or even darker colors and do the opposite for highlights on the nail.    Soon I will be attempting Roses on a black or silver background, with pretty green stems and leaves.

I will show you some old school polished effects, I can’t promise to do a tutorial style, I work in private and in my bathroom, and I don’t own a tripod so that’s out. We’ll just have to see about it. I don’t know just how much I am going to be willing to do in time, but I know that I enjoy looking out there at nail artistry and it has reawakened my inner nail tech master. I say that and it is what I was, because the course you need to be a nail tech is only 120 hours and I did 5 times that in a 600 credit hours course specializing in nails. I hope you enjoy the blog and get something out of seeing the things I have done on my nails. The color therapy part of it is awesome, I feel almost high on colors when I look at good nail art I’ve done for myself. And now with my nails sitting here all done up I feel so much pleasure from them now.

I hope that you share with me in this blog how you feel about the Color Therapy aspect, does it factor into your polish buying? I will address this only to say that I find the idea of rainbow nails intriguing, and so I will probably have to try it, but it might end up being a marbling effect, which means I might not try this right away. I hope you’ll continue to check out the blog and leave comments, and ask questions. I have all kinds of topics I plan on writing about here on Nail Soup, so I hope you’ll stick around and stay awhile! As always, thank you for reading!

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Regular Routine

I just started getting back into doing my nails about a month ago so I am not able to say this has been my long standing nail care regime but I can say this is what I do now and have been for the last week since seeing someone else doing it I decided to emulate it but on my own. I put some extra virgin olive oil in a small dropper bottle and I will use a little bit of it on the cuticles and underneath the nail and let it soak in, massaging it gently until it's all absorbed by the skin and nails. This one step I'll repeat about 3-4 times daily, usually after a deep hand washing.

I just bought Walmart's Hair, Skin and Nails formula for about $7.00 this week and have been taking it for a few days, as nails only grow so fast this will need to be taken for awhile consistently for any difference to appear in a before and after manner. So at this beginning of my nail care routine, I hope to see real results in a matter of months. So stick around, grab some polishes and get busy with me! One other thing that I will share is finds at the Dollar Tree or Dollar General store. I haven't used the more expensive polishes in twenty years, so to be able to have the most variety I looked out for no more then $5 a bottle for polishes.

Some time ago at the Dollar Tree I picked up a pair of manicure gloves made of cotton, these are really cool looking and feel light. They are for using with lotion before bed. They also had footie socks made of this same light cotton gauze these gloves are made of. They were only a buck so if you see them and wondered what they were for, it's for using them with lotion to soften your hands or feet, wearing them as you sleep. IF you can tolerate such an arrangement. Otherwise leave them on and just relax for an hour, that would probably give the lotion enough time to soak in properly. I only use these a couple times in a week. Here's a pic of what they look like on one hand.

Now for some of my tools, I use a simple Cuticle Pusher, but I also have both types and Orange Sticks. I use all three on cuticles but for different reasons. The metal pusher is really great at scraping off dead skin, much more so then Orange Sticks or Red Plastic Tipped Pushers. Now once your skin is removed gently you can push the actual live tissue back gently with the Red Tipped Pusher. And Orange sticks, they are just fabulous for cleaning up polish mistakes. You dip it in remover and then carefully clean up the edges of the fingertips that got polish on them after a polishing.

So that's how I use those tools, I have yet to get dotting tools, or artsy brushes specifically designed for nail art but I will in time, this is a growing hobby for me and I really am enjoying it. I have a nail brush, like a fat toothbrush but made for the hands. There are many styles and you can pick one up at Sally's Beauty Supply or the Dollar Tree for a buck. They stimulate the nail beds and are good to get blood to them to help in nail growth. I use this a couple times a day. Usually if I use this I will use the olive oil in the dropper and do a little treatment on them.

I put a small line across the cuticle and underneath the free edge of the nail to nourish it all around and to strengthen it by keeping it hydrated. Then I rub the oil in gently massaging it onto the ends of my fingers and under the nail. I have noticed since starting this two weeks ago I have much healthier nails now. So hopefully I will have longer stronger nails in a couple of months. For right now they are only at the beginning of my nail turnaround. I take 3,000 mgs of Biotin and this formula of “Hair, Skin and Nails” of Biotin, Collagen and Gelatin a day now and this is day four.

I will be updating this routine as needed but for now I am on a bi-weekly manicuring schedule. I like to get my bathroom decked out and then have at it. There are many ways to get a good polish job on your nails. A strong base coat and top coat are absolute must haves. Unless you're a casual user of polish, you will want a nice good base coat, I got the Sally's Beauty Secrets Ridge Filling Base Coat and their Fast Dry Top Coat. I like both having had them on my nails now overnight, I am really pleased with how well they look over top and underneath the color of the Tiger Nail manicure I just did April 2nd, 2011. I will do a detailed step by step manicure blog post. I am just getting started so I hope you've enjoyed the tips and insider look at how one former nail tech cares for her own hands and nails.

One thing you'll probably notice is that I don't do pedicures and document that. It's because I am missing a toenail on the one foot so I won't do that, I don't wear polish on the toenails on my right foot. And as you might not know if this is your first Cyber-Soup ever, I am an amputee, and only have the right foot. I use a wheelchair to get around so I used to have bad nails, now with this new routine of caring for my nails, I am off to a good start at reconditioning and regrowing longer, healthier nails.

Thanks for reading!

Polish Reviews: Wet 'N Wild Fast Dry Grey's Anatomy & Party of Five Glitters

This is a gorgeous color and most definitely belongs in anyone's collection in my humble opinion. Alone it's stunning, with nail art, even basic glitter polish, it becomes more subtle, but remains more punchy as a duochrome polish all alone. I really love the additional shimmering colors that appear in the light, from the pinkish purple, to the pretty greens and blue. It's a beautiful polish hands down. But as others have pointed out before me, that it's kind of sheer, well that's true, but for the most part with two coats I wasn't bothered and I went about three days with it before adding the Party of Five Glitters.

Here with the Party of Five Glitters

Now that's the good part, how it all looks. The bad part was getting the ONE heavy coat of Party of Five Glitters OFF was a monumental task. This was my most recent manicure before I did the Tiger Nails manicure. It took a lot of force after soaking the polish for a full 2 minutes under cotton pads to get it all off, and some pieces, well some needed the cuticle pusher to gently scrape off. I don't know that I will use it again, I like other glitter colors, the Gold and the Beautiful by this line of polish is gorgeous, I haven't used it yet but plan to in my next manicure. I really am loving these polishes, just from the few I've used they are fast drying, and after setting in the first 24 hour period they wear great!

So for $1.99 a pop I say grab your favorites because this fast drying polish line is awesome! Just look for Gray's Anatomy in the bottle, see it in person at Walgreens, or where ever you buy Wet 'N Wild products from. It's a keeper! I will be doing reviews of the different shades as each one sees day break in the form of being used. I have quite a few of these to use and I won't be posting pics of the bottles because I figure it's the results that matter and I will do one on my collection probably in the form of a youtube video. And a accompanying Blog post. So if you have requests or want to leave a link to your nail tips and tricks blog or youtube account, please feel free to leave one in a comment below.

I think I will try Gray's with a nail art rose when I get some green striping polish or Sagreena the Teenage Witch from the WNW Fast Dry line. Check the entire line out here:

I probably can do nice roses with no green leaves right now, but I figure some green would be fun to use on maybe a thumb and ring finger design scheme, where the nails are black or blue or bright violet, again all from this polish line, the colors they have are brilliant in this reviewer's opinion. I would do a more elaborate stem and maybe more roses on the thumb at the least, embellishing it nicely with black striping outlines. So look for a manicure like that to come this year. I might try a rainbow nail art and because of one awesome artist who's blog will be linked to on my sidebar here, I want to give water marbling a shot. But not until the nails I have now are longer and in better shape.

That will be one focus of the blog, to share things about nail care itself. The next blog will be on my regular routine and how I do a manicure. If you have any questions or just want to say “Hi!” please feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!