Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bad Pinky Nail Break

So yesterday I took some shots of color Club Worth the Risque and went on with my business. My son wanted to swim so I put sunscreen on him and when I went to put it back in the drawer my hand slipped off it and I realy broke the pinky nail in a bad way, it bled too. Bad, bad break. Not possible to do a wrap on it when it was bleeding so I just sucked it up and cut the remaining hanging nail off.

I am really frustrated because the stupid drawers and cabinets here don't have any handles, so I slip a lot like that and break nails all the time. I really hate it! But we're here for at least another year so unless things change I face more of the same here. So I won't be doing much polishing until this break heals enough to be polished and not hurt. Here are the two pics I snapped of the current manicure I've done, i was going to use Broken Hearted over it but I probably won't now.

I did my grandmother's nails yesterday in Sally Hansen's HD polish in Byte, she loved them, but she was falling asleep when I was there so no pic today. I am sure the Biotin I have been taking is in gear by now and my nail will heal pretty fast, for now I have a bandaid on it with Neosporin ointment and that's about all I can do. So I hope you all have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend and I wish you happy polishing! Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Revvvolution Is Holographic!

I had done a manicure with Wet 'N Wild Ebony Hates Chris and Sinful Colors This Is It, and it came out pretty good. Here is a photo of it:

It came out pretty good I think, but today I was asking myself, "What if Revvvolution is dud in the bottle but kind of holo on the nail? What the heck, try it." So I did, and low and behold it was! I apologize for the fuzziness of the photos but I think I managed to capture the holo goodness of Revvvolution after all! I have to apologize to Color Club, this polish is cool, it's not in your face holo but the holoness is there. 

I am really glad I gave it a shot on the nail, I really am very pleased with my other Color Club polishes so I will definitely be purchasing more from the beauty supplier I got them from. I hope you give them a try, they have a great formula that is easy to work with and dries pretty quickly for a non-fast dry polish. I am very impressed with their polishes and am in love with Pure Energy, it's my new favorite blue polish. That's all I have for you today, so thank you for reading and happy polishing!

Friday, May 20, 2011

China Glaze Senorita Bonita Manicure

I love this color! It reminds me of Orly Bubbly Bombshell, but it is a glass flecked polish and not a glitter, so the similarity ends at the color. I wanted to pick up Bubbly Bombshell but Sally's didn't seem to have it. So I picked up three more China Glazes though, on Tuesday, and I just had to get Blue Sparrow, Purple Panic and my free one was Senorita Bonita. I now have 15 and got 5 free altogether, and I really love China Glaze's formula.

I also picked up some Neutral Protein Filler for my hair because I was tired of it being blonde and damaged, so I got some Clairol hair color, used the protein filler first and then did my hair. Hope you like the picture! I left it on for 35 minutes and that was all I could take. The Clairol came with a free full sized Pantene color treated hair conditioner, and like many of you, something free can seal the deal!

Up to now I have resisted the urge to get more crackle polishes, but I am going to run by Claire's today and see if they have any. I heard on Makeup Alley's Nail Board, that they do and it looks good to me from the swatches I saw. For nowe I am enjoying Broken Hearted and Black Mesh, but I will update you if I get more crackles soon, so without further delay here are the manicure pictures.

I love the way this color looks but this picture didn't fully capture the beauty of it, it's more pinkish then the photo suggests. I went by the Assisted Living Facility and gave Grandmother a nice manicure yesterday, I was sick last week so I had to skip it and surprisingly her nails looked great! She had broken two sadly, but they grow back so no worries. I really am delighted with her letting me put on the Nina Pro polish I have in Grapesicle, it came out looking awesome! 

I am really glad to see her nails hold up so well, it was almost two weeks between manicures and though she had two breaks, she's still very happy with her nails. I am too. Well that's about it for this entry, hope you have a great weekend and happy polishing!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Color Club Pure Energy Manicure

Wow! I really adore this color! It went on like a dream, their formula is awesome. I really have to say I am very impressed with it. It's amazing polish. I didn't do any accent nails this time, I felt this polish was too pretty to cover up even one nail. I have thought about using Broken Hearted over this, but I haven't yet. I just might in a day or two. But for now, again, wow! Pardon the cuticles, I hadn't had a chance to clean them up and was about to lose the sunshine.

I think this is my new favorite blue polish. I hope my nails get 'evened' out soon so I can marble with this bliue polish. I am looking forward to my next water marble manicure. I just don't know when I will do it. I hope you like the photos, I only took one of my nails, but it did a great job of showing how pretty this polish really is, in my opinion. It's a great color. 

I just started taking 5000 mg of Biotin yesterday, up from the 3000 mg of Biotin I have been taking for 40 days. I will keep you posted on what results I have as I notice them. So far my problem nails aren't peeling as much and they are definitely growing much faster. I can also tell they have much more strength, so if you can tolerate Biotin I would say give it a shot, it can cause acne in some people so be aware that side effect can happen. If it does, try a lower level and maybe that will work for you. I talked to my doctor about Biotin before I started taking it, so you should to if you decide on giving it a try. Thanks for reading and happy polishing!

Edited: Thought I would add a photo I just took this morning of Broken Hearted over top of Pure Energy, pretty combination like I thought it would be. Hope you like it!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Got my Color Club Substitute Polishes

I am delighted with the colors, the blue is vibrant and vivid, the glitter is amazing, the purple is on the level with Flying Dragon, in terms of color, but its a bit deeper. I am very impressed with the formula, it dried well before I applied Poshe to it because I was wanting to use the glitter polish on my ring fingernails. After Poshe its wonderful glossy shine is a delight to behold. Here are the bottle shots, I only liked the one of the glitter, Magical Attraction, so that's the one close up. In order they are Pure Energy, Electronica, Magical Attraction and Slow jam.

I am really enjoying this color, Electronica, and it's more of what I had wanted Catwalk Queen to be, so I am really happy I picked it out. I of course sent a follow up email to the rep who helped me and thanked her for helping to make me a happy customer. I am very happy with my dealings with Forsythe/Color Club and most definitely will buy from the same supplier again to get more more of these awesome polishes. 

I hope you don't mind the pictures, I know my camera is not the best but sometime soon, like this year sometime we'll be getting a better one. For now this is what I have to work with. I feel that the camera does capture some of the glory of these manicures I've done over the past couple of months. I hope you agree that it's not too bad, and it is worth continuing to document my manicures. Thank you for reading and happy polishing!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Color Club Catwalk Queen Manicure

I felt a little daring last night, and because the Sally Hansen HD polish was chipping pretty badly I decided to redo my nails. In fact the Sally Hansen Byte manicure started chipping on day two so I am glad I only picked up one of these, even though the color is gorgeous, it's not up to par with the Xtreme Wear or Hard As Nails polish lines.

I really like the formula of this Color Club nail polish, it looks almost black but in the sunlight you can see it's more of a really dark, dark purple. It streaked on first coat but totally evened out on the second coat. So no complaints there. I use Poshe still, and it dried this polish in five minutes, so I am very pleased. I should be getting my substitute colors from Color Club this week so when I get them I will definitely be redoing them in one of the new colors. If they are as nice as Catwalk Queen I will definitely give them a rave review.

I hope that my order gets here soon, they shipped it Thursday of last week. I am looking forward to my polishes arrival and will take pics of the bottles to show you the colors all at once. I am hoping to be able to water marble with them after wearing each for a few days. Thanks for reading and sharing in the joy of polishing our nails! 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Good Day for a Manicure

I added an update to my last post, but in case you missed it, Color Club contacted me this morning and is sending out four more polishes to make up for the four I was so unhappy with. I am very pleased with this resolution as I got to choose the colors and think that I will buy form them again for sure. The representative was very nice and apologetic so I feel they are being very gracious in fixing my problem for me. And I can’t thank them enough for that. Thank you Color Club!

As I promised I put on Byte today but the photos do not do it proper justice, It’s a really intense pinkish purple shimmer and I am loving it! I also went by Dollar Tree today to get some rocks for my fish tank and saw they had some Maybelline Express Finishes on sale two for a buck so I picked out two blister packs and got a duplicate of the pretty glittery polish called Celestial Shimmer, and one of Red Reds, and one of Magenta Magentas. Very pretty polishes, the Red Reds reminds me very much of strawberry fields in that it has a gold shimmery effect to it, but I wanted to wear the New HD polish so I could review its formula for you.

The new Sally Hansen High Definition HD color I chose is definitely sparkly, and it dried very well underneath my Poshe top coat, so no complaints there. It does need three coats though and even with that there is some VNL (visible nail lines) so maybe that isn’t the case with some of the darker colors, but it was with this one. I can easily overlook that though in light of how gorgeous this color actually is in sunlight and even artificial light. It’s simply stunning! Thank you for reading and happy polishing!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Color Club Holos Weren’t Holos

I was disappointed and despite that I tried out Fashion Addict, so here is the photo, I only took one and it is spot on for how it looked in direct sunlight. I hope you like it, I might marble with these but I won’t be wearing them like this, as a solitary color again. The formula was awesome to work with but I did not top coat this manicure because I am taking it off tonight and redoing it with the new Sally Hansen I bought, HD Polish in Byte. Very pretty, sort of like Strawberry Fields because it’s got a lovely shimmer to it. When I get that finished and new photos of my nails in sunlight I will post a new entry.

I contacted Color Club about my dissatisfaction with my purchases and I hope to hear from them, but I don’t know what they will do about it for me. I had high hopes and I was pretty sad to see these all were fine particle, silvery glitters, except the black, it had black and silvery particles. So I don’t know if I will ever order any more Color Club polishes, I think it depends on their response to my message. I will keep you posted. Thanks for reading and happy polishing!

UPDATE: They contacted me this morning and will be sending out four substitute bottles of polish I am so much happier, I will definitely purchase from them again. Especially if the formula is as good as I think it will be in terms of lasting wear and drying time. I should be getting Magic Attraction, a glitter from the Vixen collection, Electronica and Slow Jam from the Dance to the Musique collection, Pure Energy from the Electro Candy collection. I will be posting manicures with these colors once I get them, so look out for those! Thanks again for reading!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Up to 3 Nail Wraps Now

I broke yet another nail last night, it was my index nail on the right hand this time so I am working on the wrapping process. If you’ve never done it yourself check this video out:

I used the same products she does in this video and it’s easy enough to do, so if you are new to taking Biotin and like me still working on shaping up your existing nails, this can be very useful. I think it’s important to talk about silk wrapping on this blog because I used to do Gel Nails and used similar silk wrap to help strengthen the artificial nails I applied. Now I am just using this on my natural nails of course, and Colette does too when she has tears. It’s good to get the supplies and have them on hand just in case.
All three of my tears are below the quick-line so I wanted to try to save them from being ripped off and bloody. That would be a real bummer, so this has worked for me so far. You’ll need some Non-Acetone polish remover to use with them or else you’ll damage the work you’ve done to repair the torn nail. I am hopeful that these repairs I’ve done will hold up for two weeks like Colette gets out of her silk wraps. As long as you use the Gel Resin instead of nail glue, it should last about two weeks. I have one week left on my left index and a week and a half on the thumb on the left.
I hope this is useful to you ladies, because I know I hate losing a nail that I know I could have wrapped to salvage until it grew out and then trim it or file it off. Here are links to these two products on Sally’s Beauty Supply website:
In other news I have placed a modest order with Victoria’s Beauty Supply for five bottles of Color Club polish. Four are holographic ones, two from the Femme Fatale collection, Revvvolution, and Worth the Risque, which I got two bottles of because I really fell in love with it. Then I got two from the Catwalk Queen collection, Catwalk Queen, a stunning deep purple shimmer, and then the incredible light purple holographic shimmer Fashion Addict. I should be getting them soon and will be polishing the minute I get the packaging open and bottle of Fashion Addict to my bathroom.
I am really looking forward to getting this order and I cannot wait to try them all, so look out for some killer manicures coming soon. I think this almost completes my modest collection, at around 80 bottles total of polish. I was going to make a really cool display but I have changed my mind because my son would most likely think it was his to play with and he’d ruin or at least mess up some of my polishes. So that’s out. But if you want to make one LovinBeautyNStyle on youtube has some awesome DIY instructional videos on using foam board from Dollar Tree. Here are the two videos she has up for this neat display that is made with hot glue and two foam boards.
I instead have used a medium sized tin I had that has no lid and I never knew what to do with it, and that camera bag I posted about early on in my blog. I am pleased with the fact it fits under the sink where the kiddo can’t get to it so I think my collection is safe. I don’t have any new manicure pics to share today, but I will as soon as my polishes arrive, so for now I hope that this entry on nail wrapping and that sharing the information about that and the videos are enough to tide you over until I get Fashion Addict and do my nails up in that gorgeous color. Thanks for reading and happy polishing!