Friday, January 20, 2012

Gingerbread Color Club Mani

I am really pleased to say that this manicure was just as glitterful as my Holiday Splendor manicure was. However the only thing is that you really need the ‘foil method’ to remove this glitter polish. It’s incredibly difficult to get off otherwise. You basically soak a cotton ball in remover and wrap the foil around the cotton, crimping the foil down over the fingertip with enough foil to keep the cotton focused on polish.

You leave it like this for around 3-4 minutes and then gently, yet firmly twist it off the nail and discard. This usually removes most of the polish and I haven’t blogged about it yet, so I wanted to add this since I know it’s a great technique to lessen the frustration of taking off gorgeous glitter polishes. I have to say I didn’t do this, and it was a nightmare to remove, absolute nightmare. Another cool tip is to get white or light colored felt and use this in place of cotton balls or pads. You cut the felt into small squares (I would do 2” squares) and use it instead of cotton.

I have to say the formula on the two Beyond the Mistletoe glitter polishes I have used so far has been good. A little on the thick side, but it was fine after a bit of thinner. I really love the holographic glitter in these polishes, it is breath taking to see in sunlight. It’s amazing and I hated to take it off. I have one of them left, and will probably do it up Monday, I plan on using Color Club Pure Energy to layer underneath the lovely Beyond the Mistletoe shade I left untried for now.

I used Revlon Top Speed in Golden underneath Gingerbread, and I think the results speak for themselves. It was awesome while it lasted. I am really delighted with my latest purchase of Color Club polishes.

So glad I went with my gut and bought the 5 Color Club polishes I wanted for myself. I am really enjoying them. So I have tried Seche Vite twice now and it’s pretty decent. I wanted to post an update on that, I think with my next entry, Wild at Heart by Color Club, you’ll be able to see how glasslike the shine on Seche Vite really is. It’s remarkable. Now we’ll see how it wears. Thank you for reading and happy polishing! 

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