Saturday, January 14, 2012

Welcome 2012! Six Month Break OVER!

So that was the last entry, just a bit over six months ago. I got frustrated and STOPPED polishing my nails and my step grandmother’s. She fell asleep on me the last couple times I did them for her and we just decided that it would be better if I stopped since I had lost interest in it too. However I found myself looking longingly at my collection of polishes and wishing I had the gumption to get back into it. But the urge to polish them faded.

Then on the eve of New Year’s Eve, I saw the new Fingerpaints Flakie collection-wow! I saw them online in a video and I liked them so much I decided to get a couple, and from that decision I decided to polish again, at least with Ruby Pumps for New Year’s Eve. And now I am on my third manicure since then. I am very pleased to be back into my hobby.

Check out these great pics of my newest Color Club polishes!

I love this polish so much, I had to thin it a bit, but it went on great! It’s fantastic polish, I got Wild at Heart, a lovely purple holo, Red Velvet, a dupe for China Glaze Lubu Heels, Gingerbread, the gold from the Beyond the Mistletoe Color Club holiday collection, Beyond the Mistletoe, a pretty light blue glitter, and the gorgeous one I am wearing now, Holiday Splendor. WOW! It’s so pretty I can’t stop looking at my nails.

So I have also picked up a Seche Vite quick dry top coat at Walgreen’s on sale, paid $4.59 for it and it’s interesting, not something you can slap on like Poshe, but it’s a decent top coat. I will probably be doing a comparison between the two top coats in the near future, like put it on two nails and Poshe on the other three on the left hand so you can see if there is much difference between them.

I am grateful to be able to post new entries now that my head is back in the game, I will be updating regularly again. I am just so thrilled with the polishes I own that I think I am pretty much done with my collection at this point. I’ll probably only add a few more selectively over this year and beyond. I just want to add that I really adore Color Club’s formula, it’s wearing great on me with Poshe as the top coat. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed my pics and this entry. Happy Polishing and Happy New Year!

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