Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bundle Monster Plates and Hunger Games

I am delighted to say that my Bundle Monster order for the second set of design plates arrived today, I also called Sally’s about the new Hunger Games China Glaze collection and they had them in the back room! The really nice sales associate agreed to sell them to me so I picked up five of the collection. I got Fast Track, Dress Me Up, Harvest Moon, Riveting and Electrify. I love the colors, but I am waiting before trying any, I want to do some stamping and practice on drug store polishes.

In fact I will probably try the Konad polishes a few times and then switch to the Wet N’ Wild Black Crème or Ebony Hates Chris until I get the technique down. Then I will bring you a great fresh manicure to check out soon! My other stamping order should be here March 1st it said, on the estimated delivery date, but I am betting they will be here sooner, hopefully by Tuesday.

This month I have picked up two NYC Top Coats, the Matte Me Crazy and Grand Central Station. I have tried both and WOW, I love the Grand Central Station’s shininess! It’s as lovely as Poshe’ so I will be using it more now that I was able to find it in a store, CVS had it in stock, while my super Walmart never does. But since Walmart did have Matte Me Crazy, that’s where I got that Top Coat from. I would definitely recommend either of them, I’ve used the Matte one on my big toe so far and it dried super-fast, and looked great! I will use some before I take off this manicure and take some pictures so you can see it in action.

I have two of the Spoiled’s I picked up from CVS the other day, Cougar Attack, and Shrimp on the Barbie. I will be honest here, unless they do something about the lids and brushes, I won’t be getting any more. I love the colors, but the lid was flaking off and the neck of the polish, I should have taken some pictures, when I open it again, if I see a bunch of flakes on the neck I’ll shoot a couple of pictures. I have heard from other ladies that their lids are flaking too, now my Cougar Attack doesn’t have this problem, but it’s brush is pretty ragged looking. The Shrimp on the Barbie is lovely, but I am going to have to decant it into another bottle if I want to do more then look at it.

Here’s the photographs of the five China Glaze Hunger Games I picked up today:

I am going to resist the urge to buy any new polishes for awhile since I have really added significantly to my collection since I got back into polishing. I also want to save up (not that they are expensive, it’s just I give myself a polishing budget monthly which I’ve gone over this month big time) for a three-drawer organizer sometimes affectionately called a Melmer, you can get them at the Hobby Lobby or Michael’s Art’s and Crafting Stores. Here’s the link to buying one of these three-drawer storage cubes online:

That’s where I am going to be getting one soon. I can hardly wait, I held out a long time, but as I am at 150 polishes, I think it’s time and also time to slow down and add to my collection slowly, so I’ll be hauling much less. I have an order I am going to place with and I am going to pick up about five more there and then call it a month in March. Do you have a ‘Melmer’ or a Helmer from Ikea? I hear good things about them, and though I used to resist the urge, I am ready to embrace it now. Thanks for reading and happy polishing!

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