Thursday, February 16, 2012

China Glaze and Color Club Stash

So I promised I would share what’s in my collection as far as Color Club goes, I would say I reach for one of them fairly often. But I seem to reach for the drug store or these equally. I don’t have any of the China Glaze OMG’s, wish I did, but I have the Color Clubs, and they are pretty cool. So China Glazes, first. Hope you like this look into my collection.

Purple Panic
Pink Voltage
Secret Periwinkle
Flying Dragon
Blue Sparrow
Senorita Bonita
Ruby Pumps
Strawberry Fields
Fifth Avenue
Winter Berry
Sunshine Pop
Gothic Lolita
Dance baby
Four Leaf Clover
Kinetic Candy
Fuchsia Fanatic
Fairy Dust
Riveting (will buy from Hunger Games Collection)
Fast Track (will buy from Hunger Games Collection)
Argo (will buy from Hunger Games Collection)
Harvest Moon (will buy from Hunger Games Collection)

I have crackles too, Broken Hearted, Black Mesh, and Tarnished Gold. Love China Glaze, I have to say that like Color Club, their formulas are fantastic, they dry fast and shine like crazy under Seche Vite or Poshe. Now onto the Color Clubs I chose for my collection. I love their formula too, very consistent and fast drying. Holo’s first, then Holo Glitters from this past Holiday Collection of 2011 called Beyond the Mistletoe-WOW!

Wild at Heart
Worth the Risque (2 bottles of this)
Fashion Addict
Love ‘em and Leave’em (soon to buy from etailer)
Beyond the Mistletoe
Holiday Splendor
Magical Attraction
Pure Energy
Catwalk Queen
Slow jam
Red Velvet

Since I went over the Crackles, I figure I could tack on to the end of this entry the FingerPaints Flakies, and Pure Ice Crackles I’ve picked up.

Pure Ice Crackles
All Shooked Up
Strike A Pose
Lightening Strikes

Busted is the only other Pure Ice I own, I hear it stamps okay, the silver one does, might pick up a few more to stamp with. I had fun sharing my stash with you, I hope you liked to compare the shades I chose with your own chosen additions to your stash. I might edit in stash pics, we'll see. I welcome your comments on colors, I really love my collection.  It’s taken a year to get to this point, I have a lot of polishes, but if you’re like me and a collector you don’t mind having them. Happy polishing!

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