Monday, February 6, 2012

Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe

This was a great color! I layered it over one coat of Color Club pure Energy to help make it more opaque. I think the results speak for themselves. I wore this manicure for a few days and had some bad chipping. I know it’s because I seemed to have developed a latex allergy because my new rubber gloves actually hurt to wear, and only one wearing of them left my knuckles cracking open and the backs of my hands red and inflamed.

So I have since purchased some reusable vinyl gloves and those are working for me much better. NO reaction at all to using them. And my manicures are lasting better so it’s a win-win situation using these. I threw away the plastic wrapper or I’d share the brand with you. But they were purchased in Publix here in Florida. I am really glad that they are working because I was getting such awful chipping, it made me not want to wear these gorgeous glitters again. Take a look at these pictures:

The last two were in sunlight, but really these pictures do not do this holographic glitter justice. I was so happy to get these, and I will definitely wear them again, just not right away. I have a lot of polishes that are untried at this point so I will be using those before I wear the Beyond the Mistletoes again. Thank you for reading and happy polishing!

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