Friday, February 10, 2012

Color Club Red Velvet

Well, the formula was fine, but it was way too dark, I had to use China Glaze Ruby Pumps over it, but once I did that I loved this manicure. I was wanting Lubu Heels, the China Glaze dupe for this gorgeous vampy color, but I decided that I would go with the Color Club version. I am glad I did. It’s a great color, when you add Ruby Pumps to it. It was impossible to see the red glitter in the polish before I added Ruby Pumps to it. I think you’ll like these pictures better than my previous entries, my application technique is getting better because I am getting back into practice.

Six months off really was enough to make it take a month to get back into the swing of doing my nails. I hope you like the photographs, I can’t wait to get this new camera, it is a 14 mega pixel GE, which we’re ordering soon. I hope you like the pictures below, I think this is a fantastic vampy winter color, so if you like vampies, it’s worth picking up. It’s red glitter is in a black jelly base, but it took three coats to see I really did not like how it looked on my nails. Once I put the layer of Ruby Pumps on top it was like the bottle, and great in the sunlight:

This was before final cleanup, sadly I haven’t been able to find a decent cleanup brush, and have been using a fat orangewood stick as I polish, which doesn’t work too well with darker colors like black jelly, red glittery ones. Thank you for reading and happy polishing!

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