Thursday, February 9, 2012

Color Club Wild at Heart

Wow, this color is amazing! Purple holo? I'm in! I simply had to get this color once I heard about it on the net. It is more holo then my Revvvolution and the others I got that I wasn’t happy with. I am going to place an order with an online etailer soon for duplicates of Fashion Addict and Worth the Risque. I figure that I can use the dud versions to layer underneath the hopefully better versions I am going to purchase. Wish me luck! So back to Wild at Heart, incredible formula and unreal color. Check out the pics that don’t do it justice:

I apologize for the lack of cleanup, I was too excited by the holo goodness to wait to snap pictures. I also have been working on my application technique and was a little rusty still when I did this manicure. I hope if you’re on the fence about this color that you take a chance, if you love purples and holos, this is definitely a color you’ll adore! I hope that you enjoyed my pictures, I can say that my other half has said we’re getting a new camera soon so my nail pictures will get better in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait! So I thank you for reading and wish you happy polishing!

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