Thursday, February 16, 2012

Drug store Polish Stash Post

Ever since I started Nail Soup, I’ve wanted to do a post on my collection of polishes, I have different polishes for different reasons. I have a lot of drug store polishes, and love them because many water marble very nicely. Then I have some that I got because I am gearing up to start stamping with polish very soon. I hope that you like the brands of drug store polishes I have listed below. This is the list Wild Shines I think are core to any collection with DS brands in it:

Lavender Creme (It's intense pink)
Metallica or SIlvivor from the Fast Dry of WnW
Tickled Pink it's sweet baby pink
Frosted Fucshia
Mauve Frost
Kalediscope (Glitter polish)
Red, Red
Black Creme
Burgundy Frost
Eggplant Frost
Wild Card

Those are core to my collection, then I have some fast dry's and three megalasts:

Saved by the Blue
Buffy the Violet Slayer
Ebony Hates Chris
Hannah Pinktana
Party of 5 Glitters
The Gold and the Beautiful
Grey’s Anatomy

Then I picked up Wet Cement, Disturbia, and On A Trip from their Megalast Collection.

Though I used Wet ‘n Wild when growing up along with Love My Nails, I have recently found Sinful Colors, Walgreen’s carries them. They are pretty decent, I picked up quite a few, so if you’re at all into Blues and Greens, and bright colors, you might want to check them out. I wore the red of the collection I went with called GoGo Girl for 5 days without chipping once I started using vinyl gloves to protect my nails while doing the dishes. I am putting the newer ones near the top of the list.

Bare (A lovely nude)
Hazard (Coral)
Dancing Nails
Black on Black
Blue By You
Midnight Blue
Daddy’s Girl
San Francisco
Dream On
Bali Mist
This Is It
GoGo Girl

Sally Hansen’s I have three of the Hard as nails, Pink Sapphire, Mocha, and Merlot. Of the Xtreme Wears I have 5 I like to use primarily 4 of the 5 for water marbling:

White Out (great base for water marbling)
Lacey Lilac
Strobe Light (Glitter)
Red Carpet
Mellow Yellow (my go to yellow for marbling)
I have one of the HD polishes by Sally Hansen, Byte. Then I have two insta-dri’s, Wined Up, and Rapid Red. I totally love my drugstore polishes.

I have three Revlon’s, Golden, a Top Speed and Lilly, also in Top Speed and then Carbonite in regular Revlon. I also like the L.A. Colors nail polish Stripers. I have Silver, Gold, Red and Blue all four are glitters, then I have plain polish Black and White. I used to do a lot of work on my nails and client’s manicures for accent nails, in striper polish with glitter contrasting. Hope you like the run down on my collection of drug store polishes, next time I will do my Color Clubs, and China Glazes. Until next time Happy Polishing!

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