Thursday, February 23, 2012

Evolution of a Manicure

Today I polished my nails with Wet n’ Wild’s Megalast, Disturbia. But I felt it was too dark for me so I added China Glaze’s pink crackle, Broken Hearted. Let me talk a bit about the Megalast, the formula was really good, it was close to being a one coater, so it was very opaque. The only problem I had with this polish was the brush, I once posted a picture of the brush the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri’s have, and I was instantly reminded of that brush.

I have seen some people refer to it in not so nice terms, and I will say it was rather easy to get the nail plate polished using it, but, it isn’t easy to get used to it if you want to minimize your after manicure cleanup. If you are someone who will paint over the sides of your nails, like the skin there, the sidewall of the nail, then this brush probably won’t bother you, but if you’re more like me, wanting to get it as close to right the first time, it will take a few nails before you feel like you’re getting the hang of this huge oar like brush.

So you can see from the picture that it’s not like a normal Wet n’ Wild brush, it’s very wide and has a weird rounded end instead of being flat at the bottom. I wanted to show it to you, compared to a Wet n’ Wild, Wild Shine brush, so you could get an idea of the differences in size. I knew it before I bought it that it was this size, but I figured I could decant it into another bottle if I wanted to. I still may, just depends. I was out shopping today and bought four polishes, and finally got my hands on NYC’s Grand Central Station, the Fast Drying top coat that my Walmart never seems to have in stock. You can see from the photographs that it's super shiny!

I picked up Green Ocean today from Sinful Colors, at Walgreens, and from CVS I got the top coat, Sally Hansen’s Golden-I from the Xtreme Wear line, and I picked up two polishes from the Spoiled collection, Shrimp on the Barbie, and Cougar Attack. I have heard the brushes on the Spoiled line weren’t the best, and I admit that is what made me try the Wet n’ Wild Megalast, because I didn’t want to deal with the brush on the Shrimp on the Barbie. I might actually decant that one sooner rather than later.

Here are the pictures of the manicure before I added Broken Hearted:

And with Broken Hearted:

Thanks for taking time to visit my blog and I wish you happy polishing!

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