Friday, February 17, 2012

My Basic Polish Change Manicure

I go outside with polish remover and cotton pads, I have a plastic grocery bag out there I put the used polish covered cotton pads in and then wrap up to pitch in the trash when I go back inside. I will let the cotton pads sit on the polish for a minute, then the polish has loosened up enough I can gently work the wet cotton pad on my fingertip. After I do this I wash my hands and get my supplies ready for the actual polish change.

I will get my base coat, either Beauty Secrets Moisturizing Base Coat, or Gelous, which I’ve heard works better over something else. Like the Moisturizing Base Coat, then Gelous, two coats of color polish, then Seche Vite or Poshe. Now something I meant to say, I use a fingernail brush when I wash my hands after using acetone polish remover.  If I have worn glitter polish like one of the incredible chunk scattered holo glitters from Beyond the Mistletoe by Color Club, I will leave cotton pads on my fingernails on one hand for 2-3 minutes using 100% acetone remover from Sally’s. Some people use aluminum foil cut in small squares, to hold the cotton pad tighter in place. This speeds up the time it takes to liquefy the polish and glitter chunks.

Now I am going to be getting into stamping, so I will let the manicure go at this point, and do nail art later. I want the ‘base color’ to set at this point. I will be using some of my polishes to stamp and I am using my stripers now, I totally feel a new Tiger Stripe manicure coming up too! I will wear Lansinoh HPA Lanolin found in the baby aisle for breast feeding mothers. It’s a chapped nipple cream, so you know it is good stuff. You can use it on your lips, your elbows, your heels, and knuckles and cuticles as well. I like to use a little bit and manipulate it overtop of my nail walls, it’s that hardened skin on the sides of your nails.

Then I wear my cotton manicure gloves to bed and when I wake up everything soaked in nicely and it’s awesome I will usually do this on the evening of the day I’ve changed my polish. Nail art will come on the following day. I will share my journey into stamping (some people refer to it as Konading or Fauxnading for plates not made by Konad) and I really think it’s pretty neat, some of the manicures that people do with the nail stamping image plates out there are really amazing. So I know there’s the Salon Express set up for $10 at Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Sally’s etc. but I want a Konad Stamper with Scraper set, even though one huge tip is to use an expired gift card or old other kind of plastic card. This won’t scratch the image plates up nearly as much as the Metal Scraper they sell.

Then I bought some rubber waffle shelving liner, it was a buck at the Dollar Tree. And then I have a binder with a Pencil Bag that will hold my stamping supplies. I need to get some 9 Pocket Baseball Card Protector Sheets. These will perfectly house the image plates. They are just the right size. Then you take the waffle shelf liner and cut it into smaller rectangles to make it so your image plates won’t move or fall out of the protector sleeve. The rubber of the shelf liner will anchor them and I’ve heard that if the binder falls most likely the plates won’t become dislodged.

I am really excited about this, I have looked at reviews and image plate videos on youtube and from what I have seen MASH, Shany, Red Angel & Bundle Monster are image plates that would be great for starting out. I have settled on Red Angel and because there are two of the Bundle Monster sets, one is 21 pieces, it has very small full nail images, they have six on a plate. The second set of Bundle Monster plates have four full nail designs per plate, which is more like Konad.

The second set is a little bigger, it’s 25 pieces. They make cool French tip plates too, and stand-alone images. They are all going to be so much fun to make nail art with. I am going to be getting the 21 piece Red Angel set, and then the second Bundle Monster plate set at some point. But just getting set up so I can start exercising some creative muscles, has been a lot of fun. I took a lot of time watching some of the youtube stamping gurus and built up my understanding of how to perform the gentle but firm pressure necessary for polish transfers from the image plate to the stamper and then the stamper to the nail.

I hope that this has had some useful information to you, and I thank you for reading, happy polishing! 

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