Monday, February 6, 2012

Sally’s Haul!

I went to Sally’s and got some good stuff, I have heard great things about Gelous the base coat, and the Beauty Secrets Moisturizing Base Coat, so I picked both up. Gelous can be used over thick glitters under Seche Vite to even out the grittiness of them. Because of this I thought it was worth adding to my collection of base coats. I’ve tried Seche Vite and it’s a really nice top coat, I like it so far, but it’s important to use it only over wet polish or else you can have issues with it shrinking your polish or wrinkling the polish underneath it.

I got two new Ruby Stone files because my original one was broken when kiddo was careless and dropped it on the desk. When I went to Sally’s they still had some FingerPaints Flakies. I already picked up three in January, Motely, Twisted, and Flashy, but I passed on Asylum, which when I saw one lone bottle sitting there, I had to pick it up and add it to my purchase. I also picked up two fat orangewood sticks, and a Stone Cuticle Eraser, mostly for my other half’s nails and my son’s nails. My cuticles are in much better shape now that I picked up something called Lansinoh, it’s a cream for breastfeeding mothers to use on chapped nipples, but this cream is incredible! If your cuticles are in bad shape, I highly recommend trying this cream. It’s made a huge difference in my hands, and my other half’s heels.

This stuff is hypoallergenic and it’s really great, I had to mention it in this haul post because I am very impressed with it. You can find it in the baby aisle at Walmart, Target  or CVS. It’s about $10 but the tube will last a long time if you’re just using it on your cuticles and maybe your heels or elbows. I got mine at Walmart for $9, they had another generic brand for less, but I wanted to make sure my son didn’t have any reaction to it, so I bought the HPA Lanolin in the blue box, Lansinoh, and it’s helped his lips so much. It’s really miraculous the difference just a few uses has made in his bottom lip especially.
At Big Lots I picked up the nippers you’ll see in the picture below, they were $4 and ½” jaw Sally Hansen ones, and they are pretty decent. I had a pair when I was in beauty school, that were just like these, so with my son picking at his cuticles I knew these would be a good investment. Now on to the polish haul, I got six of the new Electropop collection, (this is the order that they are in, in the first picture below) Fuchsia Fanatic, Aquadelic, Gothic Lolita, Dance Baby, Kinetic Candy, and Sunshine Pop. Then I picked up two clearance polishes, Icing and Winter Berry. I really cannot wait to try these polishes. I hope you don’t mind the photographs, I know the camera I use isn’t the best, but it’s what we’ve got for now.

Bonus pictures of my new vinyl gloves:

I will definitely be posting more entries with photographs of manicures with these new polishes, just like the Color Club glitter bombs I ordered in January, I am very excited about this haul of polish and plan on using these until they’ve each been tried. I really love the yellow shimmery one, and am thinking of using it in a rainbow water marble, so when inspiration hits I plan to go for it! Thanks for reading and happy polishing!

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