Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some Sally’s have the Hunger Games out

Sadly both of mine do not. But if you’re looking for these new polishes due out March 1st, you can find them online at  and they have a 15% off code right now 555993 is the online code you can use up until Friday for 15% off purchases of $25 or more. So I wanted to post about this so anyone who was looking for the new collection could find a nice discount. What colors are you interested in? I like Fast Track, the lovely gold shimmer nude, Riveting, the orange shimmer, Harvest Moon, the coppery shimmer, and Dress Me Up, the dusty rose color. There are plenty of swatches on the web so if you’re looking for them I won’t have any until after I get the four I am in for on this collection. If when I see it in person, Electrify the gold and red glitter, then that will bring my total of the polishes from the Hunger Games I am getting up to five.

I placed my Konad order, so I have the special black and white polishes for stamping coming with Konad plates, m63, m60, and m57. I also got the double sided stamper and scraper set, though I am going to use an expired credit card on my plates. I ordered the second Bundle Monster set, the 25 piece set, and I am very excited to have all these items on the way here finally. I ordered a 25 pack of 9-pocket baseball card protectors and picked up some rubber waffle shelf liner from the Dollar Tree, and that is how I will store my plates. Cut the shelf liner into small sized rectangles that I’ll slide down in the pockets to keep the plates from falling out of the pockets.

This video above is on this storage set up so you can see it in action. I plan on getting the Red Angle Plates and maybe the first set of Bundle Monster plates. Both of them are 21 piece sets. I think that will come later, but I have plans for them, so that is why I wanted to get the 9-pocket protector sheets, they sell them on Amazon in packs of 100 or 25, and 25 would be able to hold 225 plates if you only used one side, or twice that if you had that many. Now I plan on shooting pictures of my storage set up on my stamping supplies, it will be just the same as in that video, I have the binder and pencil bag just like she does, so you can count on more posts on stamping from storing and stamping itself to manicures with stamping overtop of base color manicures I’ve got planned.
I apologize for the lack of pictures, but I wanted to post the code and share the update on my stamping stuff. I appreciate you checking out my blog and wish you happy polishing! 

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