Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another Spoiled, Shrimp on a Barbie

I took off my salon express test manicure, it wore pretty darn well, I was ready to take it off though. I chose to try the long lemmed Spoiled Shrimp on a Barbie. It was nice to get it on, the formula was as good as Are Mermaids Real, so I was very pleased, and the brush was not as hard to work with as I had first thought it would be.

I managed to get some stamping in this morning so I will just get to the pictures, this is Bundle Monster plate 225, the pretty flower design. This was for Adventures in Stamping, the facebook group. Large Flowers are the theme for this Sunday’s challenge manicure. I am very pleased, Silver Sweep, the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, worked great! I hope you like it.

I had a blast stamping today, mostly because I had the morning sun behind me and it was not windy so I was able to manipulate the polish much easier. I top coated with Poshe. I like this line of polishes, Spoiled wears great, and they have a wonderful selection of 72 colors. It’s only available at CVS, so if you want to pick up some of these you might want to save up some extra bucks or wait on a sale if you like. The retail for $1.99. I got some on sale recently in February and I only have just the three, Are Mermaids Real, Shrimp on a Barbie, and Cougar Attack. I’ll try it sometime soon, thank you for checking out my blog, and happy polishing!

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