Thursday, March 22, 2012

Layla Holo in Ultra Violet

I know I probably should have waited, but I was so anxious I just had to put it on. I’ve had it over a week, but I haven’t been able to order the Nfu Aqua Base, I want to wait until my polish budget refreshes with the new month. I hope you like the pictures. I took some using the new camera but they are 5.5 MB each, so I am not going to be using that camera until I can find a way to resize them. It’s just too big of a file size to be linking to in my opinion. Besides I like the old Jazz Camcorder’s macro just fine, and will continue using it for my blog and posting on boards and whatnot.

Let me tell you this polish is a streaky mess on the first coat, but it evens out on the second one. I used one coat each of Beauty Secrets, Ridge Filling Base Coat, and Moisturizing Base Coat, two coats of Instant Artificials, and then one coat of Lily, the Top Speed by Revlon. I was prepared for failure, but had great success I think, but I’ll let you be the judge. You can get these on and they have a current coupon for the site for 20% off your order using the coupon “ALLCHIC” I think it is expiring soon, so if you want to use it now’s the time.

These two photographs above are without top coat. I really love this polish, but I am definitely buying the Nfu Aqua Base along with Nfu 64, a pretty pinkish holo polish. They can be found on for $12.50 a bottle and if you get two bottles it’s free shipping! So one bottle of Aqua Base, and one of their pretty pink holo and I’ll be set! One other thing worth noting is that their bottles are 17 ml, whereas the Layla’s are 10 ml. I’ll definitely do a review on their holo and using their Aqua Base, but it won’t be until next month. Ulta is supposed to get the Layla’s in May from what I hear. I did use Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat in Clearly Quick because I’ve heard it works to protect the polish and doesn’t kill the holo effect. This is the results:

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and I’m sorry that I can’t resize the other camera’s photographs, or figure out how to make them smaller yet. I’ll have to play around with it more. I have seen people talking about the Layla Holographic Polishes being available at Lawton’s in Canada, so that’s great to hear. I know sometimes it seems like our friends outside of the US get left out so it’s nice to hear that these can be purchased there in Canada right now. Thanks for checking out my blog and I bid you happy polishing!

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