Friday, March 2, 2012

My Stamping Stuff Arrived Today!

So I bought some more polish at Sally’s, I got Agro, and two of the Magnetix polishes. Pull You Close and Drawn To You, and this month if you buy two you get the magnet free. I also picked up my first and probably only Hard Candy nail polish, Beetle. It’s a really pretty duochrome, and I wanted to wear it badly, so I put it on. I hope you like the pictures, our new camera arrived today too, but it’s not working properly, so we’re having to send it back.

Here is a picture of my stamping stuff, I got the binder at walmart, and the 9-pocket protector sheets off amazon. The stuff in the pocket underneath the image plates I picked up at the Dollar Tree, it’s rubber shelf liner, and it holds the plates in place so they don’t slide around or fall out. In my stamping order I only got 3 Konad plates, m57, m60, m63 and the double ended stamper, and two special polishes, the black and the white ones. I don’t use the scraper because I’ve read it scratches the heck out of your image plates, so thanks, but no thanks, I might try to get one of those plastic ones though.

Here are the pictures of my first ever nail stamping, I think I did pretty good, I started on the pinky and moved from it to the thumb in order. Almost all of the design transferred to my nails, so I am really excited with how well this turned out. It took a little practice, about four tries to get the pressure right to pick up the designs, and then getting it on the nail was easy, just even firm pressure.

I will be doing many more stamped manicures, so I hope you like them. I got my Bundle Monster Plates from their website and you can get either set on Amazon or their website. I’m very impressed with the Konad plate m57 I used today, but it’s not easy to do this. I can see how practicing is very important. Thanks for checking out my blog and as always, I wish you happy polishing!


  1. Hey, I found your blog. saw your comment on facebook. Geat stamping girly:)

  2. Thanks! I had so much fun doing it too! I can't wait to stamp again tonight for the FB group challenge! :D


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