Thursday, March 29, 2012

Orly Bubbly Bombshell

I had my eye on this polish for about eight months before I actually bought it. I picked it up from Head2ToeBeauty and am so glad I did. It’s gorgeous, but even with the new camera my photographs don’t do it justice. It’s very glittery and fun to look at. The formula was pretty good. This is three coats though, I had hoped two would be enough, but it needed three coats to be opaque. The only complaint I have is that Seche Vite seemed to shrink the polish so that it looks like I have tip wear that shouldn’t be there. This is the second time I’ve had this problem recently, so I think it’s time for some Seche Restore.

I hope you like it! This Sunday’s Stamping challenge is for a non-stamping manicure in honor of April Fool's day, so this is going to be the one I share. Unless I end up redoing them with Nfu Oh 65, the pretty blue holographic polish I decided on ordering with my bottle of Nfu Oh Aqua Base this week. It should be here Friday. I am very excited about it, because from what I’ve heard it’s a decent polish when you use the base coat. I hope that you like this manicure and I will share the Nfu Oh 65 polish with you by Sunday, if not sooner. Until then I wish you happy polishing! 

Edited to add this picture of stamped Bubbly Bombshell, I hope you like it!

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