Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pearl Harbor Sinful Colors

I was out today at Sweetbay the grocery store and I had seen that they carried Sinful Colors when I was by their cosmetics area before. I saw Pearl Harbor and was certain I could find it at Walgreens, but the one I had seen there was Cinderella. I picked up Pearl Harbor today and love it! It was $2.99, a buck more then they sell for at Walgreens but I didn’t care, I just wanted it for my collection. Here is a photograph of it with Cinderella next to it because it reminds me of Pearl Harbor.

I hope you like it and that if you do that you’re able to find it. Thanks for checking out my blog & I bid you happy polishing!


  1. I have heard Confetti makes a dupe of it, so check out CVS for it! I only had luck in Sweetbay finding the Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor, Walgreen's never has it and there is no space for it in the core display either.


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