Sunday, March 4, 2012

Second Stamping Attempt

I think this one came out better than the first one did. I tried to get a picture of the right hand but I can’t seem to hold the camera still enough. I put on China Glaze, Dance Baby, and let it dry and set for hours. I then stamped with Sally Hansen’s Rapid Red, and Konad Special White polish using Bundle Monster plate 224. I really am impressed with it. I took a couple of practice stamps, and did my best to line things up.

It came out pretty good I think, it’s hard to believe I’ve picked up the technique this fast. I am probably going to test stamp tomorrow, an image from each of my new Bundle Monster and Konad image plates, just to make sure they work well. I used an old expired debt card, and it worked great, as long as I scraped at a 45 degree angle. I really liked the way Rapid Red stamped, so I think it was definitely a good addition to my collection. Thanks for reading and happy polishing!

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