Friday, April 13, 2012

CVS Hauls in April

I had heard CVS had some good clearances, but I haven’t checked before. I went by one of my CVS’s and scored big in my opinion. They had three of the Milani 3D Holographics left, I don’t know if they are no longer carrying them or what, but upon seeing three I liked I grabbed them! They are 3D the Silver one, and Hi-Tech the Green one and HD the Gold one. I am thrilled to have gotten them 75% off plus using a $.50 off extra bucks reward it brought the price well under the cost of one of these alone. I paid $3.86 for all three as well as getting a $5 off Revlon if I bought two, and so with the buy 1 get 1 50% off sale they had going I decided I would swing by the other CVS to use it.

So I went by the other CVS nearby and they had zip! Nothing! Nada! I was a little disappointed by this, but I’ll know which one to go by from now on. I did use the coupon on two Revlons, I have been admiring Ocean Breeze from afar and I decided on buying it today along with Copper Penny to take advantage of the sale and the coupon. I paid $4.84 altogether for both polishes! Again, less than the cost of one alone, I am excited by this and not sure which one I will wear first. Probably Ocean Breeze, but it’s a scented one and I put off buying it because of that, so we’ll see, the cashier told me she had it and it smelled like perfume on your hands, I can probably deal with it but I’ll report back when I share pictures of the manicure I do with it.

Thanks for reading and happy polishing!


  1. Ooh Ocean Breeze! The scent is just okay. Reminds me of air freshener. But it sure is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it on you :)

    1. I can't wait to check it out, it will be interesting to smell the scent as it dries. I should be putting it on in an hour or so and have a blog post up tomorrow. :)


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