Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DRK-A and New Bundle Monster Image

I bring you a new DRK-A design, on the China Glaze polish, Sunset Sail. Very nice color I think, it has a tiny glimmer of shimmer so it’s not technically a crème, which is what I had hoped it would be. But I like it just as much since the shimmer is barely noticeable. It was a little streaky to apply, but the second coat evened it all out. Unfortunately it was windy again today, but I was determined to stamp! Here is the base manicure, before I stamped, and then after stamping.

The latest news on Bundle Monster is they are getting into the stamping polish game! Very pleased to hear that. They released this latest image and I wanted to bring it to you hot off the facebook presses! Lucky for me I hadn’t posted this post yet! This is image BM-305 with a bunch of their new stamping polishes in the photo of the hand model. I am very excited about this and hope that they release the plates in May, it’s been so tough to wait on this release.

I am hopeful that the rest of the plates are just as cool, in a comment to someone they responded that there is indeed a puzzle piece image which is something I’ve been wanting see since I got into stamping. It will be perfect for Autism Awareness month next year. You can count on my bringing you the next sneak peeks, if they release a new one, I am betting it will be on Friday. Thank you for checking out my blog and I just took off the image verification, a huge thank you to the commenter Fingers, for mentioning that it was on, I could have sworn it was off, so thanks again Fingers and happy polishing!

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