Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My DRK-A Plate Arrived

I am so ecstatic! I purchased this from Ninja Polish and they are taking pre-orders on the second from this manufacturer, the DRK-B plate. I totally think it’s well worth the money because the designs are so large the cover my entire stamper! I didn’t know which one to stamp with first, but I finally settled on testing a few different ones. I hope you like the way it turned out. I have to say first that I was working with a lot of wind, so that’s why they don’t look as good as they will after this wind we’re having calms down. It’s been two days now and it’s just blowing hard.

I was desperate to stamp with this plate though, so I went ahead and did my best. I’d show you the other hand but it’s really bad, the polish kept drying and I am definitely redoing this tonight. I want a really calm evening tonight so I can stamp before bedtime. Hoping it will  cooperate and be calm, it was too late last night when I was ready to stamp and I was tired, which is why I bring this post to you now. I hope you like the photographs. The plate itself is beautiful to look at, I am really grateful to Ninja Polish for sending it in a perfectly sized mailer that I can store it in with my other plates in my stamping binder. Very cool. I used NYC Grand Central Station top coat over this nail art because it’s coming off tonight.

It stamps like a champ, I will do some testing when I have a chance and it’s not kicking up serious wind outside. I am really excited about this plate, it was hard to wait on it, but it arrived intact and in perfect shape. I can’t wait to see what they will do on this second, B plate, so far Ninja Polish is taking pre-orders and they have two lines of designs, but I want to see more before I commit to ordering it. Especially since Bundle Monster’s new 3rd set is due out at the end of May, so I want to make sure there’s room in my polishing budget.

I went to Sally’s today and picked up three more Orly’s, I got Foul Play, Luxe and Sapphire Silk, which was on clearance. I also picked up China Glaze’s White Cap for layering, and Sunset Sail, which I hope will be the perfect shade for me for mannequin hands. I’ll be doing a manicure of it soon, and then STAMP on it! It should look pretty good. I also picked up some French Manicure guides from Orly, they pack in 52 of them in the package, so it’s a pretty decent deal for under $4.00.

I hope you are having a good polish day, I filed my nails down, to be more of one length, the middle one is almost grown out from the last minor injury. The ring finger and my index ones are fast growers too so they both needed to lose a little length in order to match the middle finger. Are you planning on picking up this DRK-A or B plate?  I am certainly glad I did. As always, I wish you happy polishing!


  1. I just found your blog and it's really great! Glad to find someone more my age than most of the younguns out there blogging! (I'm 44)! I have the DRK a plate and already preordered the b. didn't know ninja polish was selling them. Very cool! Also you may want to disable your word verification. My old eyes can't see the letters!

    1. So glad you're enjoying the blog! THANK You for telling me that image verification was on! I thought I had it switched to OFF so it must have reset to back on when they did the update to the backend in April. I hate those things too. Glad you got in on the pre-order for the plate! :D


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