Thursday, June 28, 2012

Second New Bundle Monster Stamping

I bring you a double stamped manicure today. The base color is one coat of Color Club, Love’em & Leave’em over top of two coats of Revlon Top Speed in Golden.  I used Poshe as top coat over the Color Club and the Stamping when I was done. I love the end results. The stamped colors are Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Rapid Red for the Roses, and Sinful Color’s Black on Black for the Barbed Wire stamping. The images are from BM 324, both come from that plate. I really am pleased with this manicure, but next time I will use Sally Hansen Silver Sweep for the Barbed Wire.

I think the roses hide the holo goodness of the Color Club polish, but that’s the way it goes, I think this design is pretty great as it stands. Do you think I should start holding the bottle for photographs? I know many bloggers do it, but I am unsure if I should or not. Thank you for taking time to check out my blog and I promise to bring you lots more stamping manicures over the coming months. I wish you happy polishing.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Bundle Monster Plates Arrived

I am very pleased to announce my new plates have arrived! I have used image plate 319 to create the manicure you see below. I used China Glaze Dance Baby as the base color, I had planned on making this my first manicure with these plates and I was not disappointed with them at all. I have some test swatches, not very organized though, if you’re looking for that you can find other bloggers who’ve done them already, my purpose here is to just give you a taste of what is in store for you if you choose to buy these awesome plates. First here’s Dance Baby on its own.

Then here’s the stamped version, I used Sinful Color’s Black on Black to achieve these results, and I was very pleased with them. If your Sinful Color’s Black on Black isn’t thickened, leave the lid off for a little while and it’s sure to thicken right up. I love mine, it’s the black I use the most for stamping. So if you see a Sinful Color’s sale, grab one! It’s good stamping staple stuff.

Here are the test swatches I did with about six different plates. If you are new to stamping and having trouble I highly recommend this video by soguesswhat11:

I am so excited about this set of image plates I wanted to share that excitement with you. I look forward to seeing the manicures you and everyone else do with these incredible images. One thing I really love is they come in a little plastic box. I've also added a link to a really great preview video of the plates to help share the love of all things Bundle Monster!
And I also love that they only put in two French tip plates this time. Those are so hard to stamp properly I’d much rather have more full nail designs and stand-alone images like we were given in this set. I appreciate the time and development they put into these plates and I am very happy to be stamping again, hopefully I’ll be at it much more frequently now that I have something to be excited about again. Thank you for reading and I wish you happy polishing.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sally Hansen Red Carpet

I know this will look a lot like what I just had on, but it’s got much more sparkle to it than Cutex’s Vintage Wine. Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear in Red Carpet is a gorgeous polish, comparable to China Glaze Ruby Pumps in my opinion. It’s a great color, very bright and cheerful. This is my usual two coats, but the red jelly base it’s in is easy to apply, it just glides into place without any arguments. I used Instant Artificials underneath Seche Vite this time and the shine is incredible.

I really do like that it’s so shiny. I need some more Instant Artificials soon, it’s a really good strengthener and I like to use it under Seche Vite because it makes for a really super glossy top coat shine. I am not sure, but I saw Red Carpet on clearance at Walgreen’s this week, I didn’t buy it because I have it and Ruby Pumps, but if you’re wanting to pick it up you might grab it soon. I don’t know if this means they discontinued it or if Walgreen’s was trying to move ‘old product’ or what. Thought it was worth mentioning here though.

No news still on the home offer, but we did steam up some Blue Crabs last week and I thought I’d share a couple of pictures of the little buggers, before they got cooked and after. We don’t do it often, in fact the last time was 5 years ago and they go for $15 for a dozen, we got two dozen, my house still reeks of seafood, but it was delicious. I hope you enjoy the photographs. We sure enjoyed the crabs!

Thank you for checking out Nail Soup, and thank you for the comments many of you have left, they really make my day to see. Thank you. As always, I wish you happy polishing!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Vintage Wine

I really love the way this old cutex polish applied, even twenty years later. It’s fantastic! I love the rich red color and it applied perfectly, even without being thinned. It has a great consistency and went on evenly and was opaque in one coat. The only thing is that I think they’ve done something to the Poshe top coat formula, it doesn’t seem as shiny to me as the bottles with the image of the lady on them did. I wanted to mention it in case any of you had heard there was something done to the formula, I’d love to hear what you heard if something was changed.

I have changed where I take my photographs now, I like it better under my bedroom window. That way I have more time to take photographs because the sun shines on that window longer than it does through the glass doors where I used to sit for photographs. I might be doing my mother’s nails soon, so if she doesn’t mind (I think she’s down for it) I’ll share photographs of her freshly manicured nails! Thanks for reading and as always happy polishing!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl

What a lovely frosty white this color is, and it was pretty much a one coater! I was very impressed with it. I used two coats out of habit, but I probably could have gotten away with one. It’s really a pretty frosty white. I can’t help but think it would be a great color for getting married in. It’s sat in my Sinful Colors makeup bag for months since I bought it, but I knew it would be a good purchase. I had wanted to stamp over it, but for some reason my motivation to stamp is history. I really want to do it, but then I know I have to attempt it in my little bathroom and I don’t know how well I could work on such a tiny little space.

I just took my stamping tray and laid it over the sink, wasn’t stable enough, sideways on the small bit of counter I’d have it was fine. So maybe I will try to stamp more. I just don’t know where my stamping mojo went. I apologize for not having any stamping to share for so long, hopefully now that I just measure it out and see it is possible to utilize the space in my bathroom, maybe I can get stamping again! I really want to see if that new/old Sally Hansen Insta-Dri will work for stamping as it’s really pretty! Hope you like the one photograph I took of this manicure. I basically try to never do more than 3 photographs per entry because you never know who might be on dial up. If you would like to see more photographs per entry like many other blogs do, let me know and I’ll try to get three good ones per manicure. I used to do one of the base manicure and then one of it stamped, but lately it’s been one.

Thanks for checking out my blog, I will see if I can stamp this and add an entry with it stamped, it’s wearing really well. NO chipping at all, Sinful Colors wear really well for me. Which is a good thing because I have in the realm of 25 of them. Not sure what the next manicure will be or when, but I will see if I can take more pretty photographs of it when I’m ready. I thought the skirt with its eyelets and pretty white color was a perfect background for this manicure. Ever since the one picture I took for the Def Leppard manicure I did with red and black stamped Konad m57, I have felt a little more like trying to ‘set up’ nicer photographs for you to check out.

Still no word on the house offer yet, we’re getting antsy, and ready to move. Hopefully we’re going to hear something this week. That way we can get closed and moved in there by August. I am going to set up the most awesome feminine sanctuary ever, I'll share pics of things as I get them. For now you can see this pretty Cloissonne bowl that my Step-Father got at an auction or estate sale back in the 80's:

This cool old bowl will sit on my French Provincial Desk that I will get, the white with gold trim styled, like this:

This desk style is perfect for a lovely woman's vanity and that's what I'll use it for. I can hardly wait! I know I'll find just what I'm looking for when the time is right. I have a mirror that will be perfect, but it's stuffed away in the closet for safe keeping, it will hang on the wall behind this, and then above my bed I will put up a false fabric canopy. It's going to be worth an entry to share it all when I'm done. Thanks again for supporting Nail Soup and I wish you happy polishing!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bronze Ablaze Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

I was out this morning and went by the dollar tree. I picked up not one but two of the surely discontinued Sally Hansen Insta-Dri colors that I thought would be great for stamping, so I picked up two. Hope you like the photos, I paid $1 apiece, it was awesome. I am back on my no buy, still no news on the house offer, it’s been in their hands for just over a month, we hope to hear something really soon.

I will definitely report back on how well this polish stamps, I think I did good grabbing two, I have gone through a lot of their Silver Sweep, which if you’ve followed my blog for long you probably remember seeing stamped designs in Silver Sweep. I hope this one is just as good as that one is. They had some really DARK green that I didn’t like as much as this one, so I decided to get two. What colors have you seen at your Dollar Tree? Did you grab any? It reminds me a little of Beetle by Hard Candy and Harvest Moon from China Glaze. Thanks for coming by Nail Soup! I really appreciate that you’re on this nail polish journey along with me, and as always, happy polishing. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rimmel Intrigue 815

Wow, just wow! I am very impressed, these old 60 seconds polishes are fantastic! This is one coat over my Sinful Colors Daddy’s Girl manicure that I didn’t have time to take off, but really wanted to see this Rimmel in action today. I am delighted with the opacity! I wish it was still available, if it was I’d sing it from the roof tops to go get it! I feel very lucky to have found it and the three Cutex polishes I found in an old Drum tobacco can the other day while cleaning up.

Isn’t that a perfect match for my lavender sheath dress? I am really loving this color. It reminds me of Pure Ice’s Busted, only not so sheer. It’s really lovely, a gem. I am definitely going to do it up properly soon. I know I said I was going to use Vintage Wine, the pretty mauve Cutex polish, but this one called to me. I used Poshe as the top coat and it shines like crazy, what was strange was that this seemed to be a matte-like finish, I was surprised, but then top coat ‘woke’ it up big time! Thanks for checking out  my blog and I hope you like the photograph of this one with my hand over the dress I mentioned, I will wear them together for sure! Happy polishing!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Oldies but Goodies!

Hello everyone! I do have a manicure to share, I used Sinful Color’s Daddy’s Girl, and it was a nice jelly with glitter. I only used two coats, and I have some bald patches, so I assume it really wanted three coats. It is a lovely color with just a hint of shimmer to it. I am glad I picked it up during one of the $.99 sales at Walgreen’s. It’s a great color.

Now for the real treasures! Check these polishes out! I was gearing up for moving and my other half came across this old Drum tobacco can, he opened it and said, “Wow, here are some of your old polishes….” I was tickled pink! Vintage Wine by Cutex pink! Next is Army Barracks 76, then the pretty green is Cutex’s Sizzling Kiwi! Aren’t they awesome? Then we have 815 Intrigue by Rimmel! It’s almost a duochrome, with flashes to pink from it’s pretty lavender color. And then comes an old NYC White polish and finally Top & Base coat by Love My Nails. I figure that one is history because it’s yellowed, but the rest I can’t wait to wear!

Do you have any old treasures lying around? I was amazed all these needed was shook up, I know they won’t be Big 3 Free and I’m okay with that because I used them years ago, 20 odd years ago to be exact, and I think my next manicure will be with the first one, Vintage Wine! Isn’t cleaning up and packing the best??? /end sarcasm…No, but really I am glad to have come across these beauties, I have already assimilated them into my collection, so excited about it! Hope you enjoyed the look back at some of what was in my collection 20 some years ago. I know I had many Love My Nails, but I think they were lent and never returned. Thanks for reading and as always, happy polishing!