Monday, June 25, 2012

Bundle Monster Plates Arrived

I am very pleased to announce my new plates have arrived! I have used image plate 319 to create the manicure you see below. I used China Glaze Dance Baby as the base color, I had planned on making this my first manicure with these plates and I was not disappointed with them at all. I have some test swatches, not very organized though, if you’re looking for that you can find other bloggers who’ve done them already, my purpose here is to just give you a taste of what is in store for you if you choose to buy these awesome plates. First here’s Dance Baby on its own.

Then here’s the stamped version, I used Sinful Color’s Black on Black to achieve these results, and I was very pleased with them. If your Sinful Color’s Black on Black isn’t thickened, leave the lid off for a little while and it’s sure to thicken right up. I love mine, it’s the black I use the most for stamping. So if you see a Sinful Color’s sale, grab one! It’s good stamping staple stuff.

Here are the test swatches I did with about six different plates. If you are new to stamping and having trouble I highly recommend this video by soguesswhat11:

I am so excited about this set of image plates I wanted to share that excitement with you. I look forward to seeing the manicures you and everyone else do with these incredible images. One thing I really love is they come in a little plastic box. I've also added a link to a really great preview video of the plates to help share the love of all things Bundle Monster!
And I also love that they only put in two French tip plates this time. Those are so hard to stamp properly I’d much rather have more full nail designs and stand-alone images like we were given in this set. I appreciate the time and development they put into these plates and I am very happy to be stamping again, hopefully I’ll be at it much more frequently now that I have something to be excited about again. Thank you for reading and I wish you happy polishing.


  1. Congrats to you, too for the prize! The plates are really good and I can`t wait to try them, too :)

    1. Ahhh, but mine wasn't voted as a winner, but I am a winner for being able to buy'em! and make great designs with them like this one, just wait til I do a gradient and use this stamp over it! I can't wait! :)

    2. Oh,well... anyway. The important thing is you already have them and I wish you lots of fun using them! :)

    3. Thanks! I wish you the same Radi D.! I am really impressed with this set of image plates. Thank you for posting. I am sure you'll do some incredible manicures with them too! :D


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