Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Oldies but Goodies!

Hello everyone! I do have a manicure to share, I used Sinful Color’s Daddy’s Girl, and it was a nice jelly with glitter. I only used two coats, and I have some bald patches, so I assume it really wanted three coats. It is a lovely color with just a hint of shimmer to it. I am glad I picked it up during one of the $.99 sales at Walgreen’s. It’s a great color.

Now for the real treasures! Check these polishes out! I was gearing up for moving and my other half came across this old Drum tobacco can, he opened it and said, “Wow, here are some of your old polishes….” I was tickled pink! Vintage Wine by Cutex pink! Next is Army Barracks 76, then the pretty green is Cutex’s Sizzling Kiwi! Aren’t they awesome? Then we have 815 Intrigue by Rimmel! It’s almost a duochrome, with flashes to pink from it’s pretty lavender color. And then comes an old NYC White polish and finally Top & Base coat by Love My Nails. I figure that one is history because it’s yellowed, but the rest I can’t wait to wear!

Do you have any old treasures lying around? I was amazed all these needed was shook up, I know they won’t be Big 3 Free and I’m okay with that because I used them years ago, 20 odd years ago to be exact, and I think my next manicure will be with the first one, Vintage Wine! Isn’t cleaning up and packing the best??? /end sarcasm…No, but really I am glad to have come across these beauties, I have already assimilated them into my collection, so excited about it! Hope you enjoyed the look back at some of what was in my collection 20 some years ago. I know I had many Love My Nails, but I think they were lent and never returned. Thanks for reading and as always, happy polishing!

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