Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rimmel Intrigue 815

Wow, just wow! I am very impressed, these old 60 seconds polishes are fantastic! This is one coat over my Sinful Colors Daddy’s Girl manicure that I didn’t have time to take off, but really wanted to see this Rimmel in action today. I am delighted with the opacity! I wish it was still available, if it was I’d sing it from the roof tops to go get it! I feel very lucky to have found it and the three Cutex polishes I found in an old Drum tobacco can the other day while cleaning up.

Isn’t that a perfect match for my lavender sheath dress? I am really loving this color. It reminds me of Pure Ice’s Busted, only not so sheer. It’s really lovely, a gem. I am definitely going to do it up properly soon. I know I said I was going to use Vintage Wine, the pretty mauve Cutex polish, but this one called to me. I used Poshe as the top coat and it shines like crazy, what was strange was that this seemed to be a matte-like finish, I was surprised, but then top coat ‘woke’ it up big time! Thanks for checking out  my blog and I hope you like the photograph of this one with my hand over the dress I mentioned, I will wear them together for sure! Happy polishing!


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