Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sally Hansen Red Carpet

I know this will look a lot like what I just had on, but it’s got much more sparkle to it than Cutex’s Vintage Wine. Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear in Red Carpet is a gorgeous polish, comparable to China Glaze Ruby Pumps in my opinion. It’s a great color, very bright and cheerful. This is my usual two coats, but the red jelly base it’s in is easy to apply, it just glides into place without any arguments. I used Instant Artificials underneath Seche Vite this time and the shine is incredible.

I really do like that it’s so shiny. I need some more Instant Artificials soon, it’s a really good strengthener and I like to use it under Seche Vite because it makes for a really super glossy top coat shine. I am not sure, but I saw Red Carpet on clearance at Walgreen’s this week, I didn’t buy it because I have it and Ruby Pumps, but if you’re wanting to pick it up you might grab it soon. I don’t know if this means they discontinued it or if Walgreen’s was trying to move ‘old product’ or what. Thought it was worth mentioning here though.

No news still on the home offer, but we did steam up some Blue Crabs last week and I thought I’d share a couple of pictures of the little buggers, before they got cooked and after. We don’t do it often, in fact the last time was 5 years ago and they go for $15 for a dozen, we got two dozen, my house still reeks of seafood, but it was delicious. I hope you enjoy the photographs. We sure enjoyed the crabs!

Thank you for checking out Nail Soup, and thank you for the comments many of you have left, they really make my day to see. Thank you. As always, I wish you happy polishing!

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