Friday, June 15, 2012

Vintage Wine

I really love the way this old cutex polish applied, even twenty years later. It’s fantastic! I love the rich red color and it applied perfectly, even without being thinned. It has a great consistency and went on evenly and was opaque in one coat. The only thing is that I think they’ve done something to the Poshe top coat formula, it doesn’t seem as shiny to me as the bottles with the image of the lady on them did. I wanted to mention it in case any of you had heard there was something done to the formula, I’d love to hear what you heard if something was changed.

I have changed where I take my photographs now, I like it better under my bedroom window. That way I have more time to take photographs because the sun shines on that window longer than it does through the glass doors where I used to sit for photographs. I might be doing my mother’s nails soon, so if she doesn’t mind (I think she’s down for it) I’ll share photographs of her freshly manicured nails! Thanks for reading and as always happy polishing!


  1. How fun, a vintage polish! The color is great. I can't believe it's still good after all those years! Yay Big 3, right? lol. ;)

  2. I know right? It's really awesome that I was able to just shake it up and go! Totally Big 3 though-LOL! I don't mind, my childbearing days are long gone.... ;)

  3. This is a gorgeous color. I love red, and this one is a beautiful deep red. That's why I love nail polish, its like honey, it never goes bad, so it makes me feel better about buying so much. LOL

    1. I know right? I have about 200 now and figure I have enough to last me until I am done using polish and in a nursing home assuming I make it that long-LOL! My Step-Grandma is 89 now, I hope I stick around that long. I am sure my polishes would be fine 30 or 40 years from now, especially considering that the five I found that are just about 20 years old are in perfect shape still. I just love this red!


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