Monday, July 23, 2012

Small Sinful Colors Haul & XL Stamper

I picked up three new Sinful Colors polishes today, All About You, Star Fish and Snow Me White. I saw Star Fish and knew I had to have it. It’s a gorgeous dusty rose pink, and I have wanted this pretty gold glitter for layering, and the white for stamping, so I went ahead and got them along with Star Fish. I will most likely be wearing Star Fish as my next manicure. I am excited to say that my new XL stamper from Ninja Polish, arrived today too.

I held it up next to my konad stamper just for size comparison. I will use it soon with my DRK-A plate, not sure what design yet, but something cool. I love all the design images on that plate too. Sadly, there’s still no movement on the home front, not sure if we’re going to see this work out at this point or not. We’re not sure if it’s going to happen anymore, so if it doesn’t we’ll be getting a new car, so either way we’ve got good things down the road coming. I hope you’ve been able to find the blog now, I really needed to make the URL change, and should have done it years ago, again, my apologies to you for the inconvenience of having to locate the blog at the new URL. Thank you for all the support and I wish you happy polishing.

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