Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Adventure Red-Y & Glitters

Wow, I am in love with Love Marilyn! I think over the Adventure Red-Y it looks like pretty strawberries. I thought that because we had oatmeal with cut up fresh strawberries this morning and I noticed they kind of matched my accent nails. The other glitter I used is from the On Safari Collection, I Herd That, it was like liquid gold leaf when I put it on. I am sorry I don’t have any swatches of Adventure Red-Y, but I did my nails late last night and I wanted to apply the glitter over it after I worked with the red polish. This is two coats of red and one of each of the glitters.

As for the polishes themselves, I must admit Adventure Red-Y was somewhat thick and a little difficult to work with. I think it might stamp well so I didn’t want to thin it just yet. I will if it doesn’t stamp well, but for now I left it as is. The glitters were just fine though, I applied them alternating them and had to dip the brush in twice for the Love Marilyn nails, but only once on the I Herd That ones. I like the look of the Love Marilyn’s, but I also love the look of the I Herd That ones too. I can’t honestly choose which I like better, which is why I decided to use both in this manicure.

Thought you’d enjoy a longer perspective shot showing my entire hand, I know I normally don’t have so many photos, but I really wanted to share the difference looks of these polishes. I am debating on whether or not to stamp something over this manicure, so what do you think? Yes, definitely stamp or No, leave it as it stands? Hope you’re having a great polish week, I know I am since I got my order from Transdesign! I wish you all happy polishing. 


  1. I say leave it as it stands! They both look great layered.

    1. Thanks Jenni Lee! That's what I did, it was just too pretty!


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