Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Made Mother A Nail Kit

I picked up this gorgeous velvety makeup bag at a thrift store in perfect condition, for $2 and it’s a Victoria Secret bag! I loved the pattern the moment I saw it. I know this isn’t a Nail Of The Day/Manicure post, but I thought you’d enjoy seeing what I’ve put together for my mother to enjoy as her entry back into doing her own nails. 

I included mostly new supplies, a red tipped cuticle pusher, a fresh fat orange wood stick, my newest Beauty Secret’s Moisturizing Base Coat, a unopened NYC Grand Central Station top coat, since she gagged over the Seche Vite I applied to her nails a few weekends ago, and since Poshe has kind of changed their bottle, I think the formula got changed along with it, so I thought the NYC top coat would be perfect.

Then for the other things, I included a brand new 7 way buffer, half a package of cotton pads, about 1/3 bag of pointy Q-tips for her to use for cleanup and finally the polishes. When I got my Transdesign order I honestly was a little underwhelmed by Manhunt, I’m Not Lion, and Kalahari Kiss, but when Mother and I looked at swatches a few weekends ago she loved them, so even when I ordered them, I figured I’d give her those three. 

So no swatches of those from me, maybe some from her Nail Of The Day photographs, if she’s okay with me taking photographs of her work, or letting me do it for her. So those three, plus China Glaze Electrify, Winter Berry and Hard Candy Beetle are all included in this ‘Welcome back to the world of polish Mother!’ kit I hope she falls in love with. I sent her a picture of the bag last night and she seemed to love it, so we’ll see! I am hoping she can swing by tomorrow and pick it up, otherwise it will be Saturday. And with the Tropical Storm soon to be Hurricane Isaac out there I am wanting her to have this well before Monday when it’s forecast to be impacting Florida.

Here’s the photographs:

Thanks for looking! I will be doing my nails up in something else soon, probably Desert Sun and maybe I Herd That again. I think those two were made for one another. Happy polishing to you!

Edited to add: She LOVED it! SO happy! And if you look in this last pic you can see the other two polishes I added, Red Carpet Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear and China Glaze Grape Juice! Also added the Beauty Secrets ridge filler base coat. I love that she's back into polishing! She wanted a gold foil too, and you might remember the Fergie Wet n' Wild I picked up that I wasn't in love with, well she fell hard for it so it went home with her too! ♥


  1. What a lovely idea! That's so cool that you and your mom can share that. Nice steal on the makeup bag, too! ;)

    1. Thanks Liesl! I think it is very cool her love of polish has been rekindled too! I can't wait to see what her reaction is to the gift. :D

  2. HI! I just stumbled upon your great blog. I love going to thrift stores too! Awesome find on the cosmetic bag. I just swatched Desert Sun. You should stop by and check it out. I got so many compliments on that caramel-ly color, and I absolutely love it!

    1. Hi Jenni Lee! I just followed your blog! You have gorgeous nails, I really loved that Desert Sun on you too! I can't wait to swatch it myself! I got lucky with this bag, Mother LOVED her kit too! :D


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