Monday, September 3, 2012

Mother’s Winterberry Manicure

So I got to snap a picture of Mother’s awesome red manicure today. She did two coats of China Glaze Winterberry, with Electrify accent nails. One coat of Electrify, and she added then two coats of NYC Grand Central Station for top coat. I think it looks fantastic, but she said the formula was tough to control, I remember it being a little hard to, as she put it, ‘stay in the lines’ and I think that is just the way to describe it. I hope you like her polishing job! One of these days we’ll get better light for her nail shots.

We also went by Walgreen’s and she grabbed six polishes! I forgot to get the names, sorry about that! That one that looks a little like Cinderella isn't, its a lovely light lilac color, and I was so pleased she added two more glitters, (the red) one glass fleck and the two glitters. Here’s the photo we shot of her first Sinful Colors haul at Walgreen’s:

Thank you for looking and I hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day, happy polishing! 


  1. Your mom did an awesome job staying inside the lines! I want to see the brown on the far left!

    1. She'll do it soon I'm sure! She loved the metallics at Walgreen's! I was impressed with her haul. :D


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