Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ninja Polish’s Giveaway

I just wanted to spread the word, in case you have not heard, they are giving away three $25 gift certificates, and all you have to do is “like” their Facebook Page for one chance to win one $25 gift certificate if they hit 2000 likes by Monday night. Maybe even two $25 gift certificates will be given if they get 500 additional “likes” on their Facebook Page. Once you liked the page you can enter adding a recommendation for their website, this is assuming you have ordered from them like I have and can in good conscious leave such a recommendation and feedback.

That is one entry for one random drawing on one $25 gift certificate. Then in another random drawing for a $25 gift certificate they ask that we write reviews on the Ninja Polish website on items that they ask that you can leave honest feedback on. You will need to copy the URL of the products you review and leave them on the Giveaway thread on their Facebook page in a comment. Then there is a Giveaway tab you can use once you’ve “liked” the page, so do that and if you’ve ordered from them make sure to leave a recommendation and product reviews for chances to win!

I just want to say that I honestly like this style of giveaway, it gets them good feedback on their Facebook page and website and reminds people that they’ve been around for six months as this giveaway is in celebration of them being in business for six months. They didn’t ask for us to blog about this or anything, but I have only had positive experiences with ordering from them and wanted to share the info on the giveaway so encourage people to give them a try. They carry a lot of stamping equipment and I am pleased to add the DRK A plate I bought from them this summer is back in stock! So if you’ve been waiting check it out. This is the first photo I took of mine when it got here, totally awesome! 

I don’t do posts like this too often, only when I too have entered and LIKE the giveaway offered by a particular company will I post about it on my blog. I hope you’re enjoying your Labor Day Weekend! I know we are here! No news on the home front yet, still working on the financing and that can take a little while. Happy polishing!

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